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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is trying to combat new weakness in his Republican base and re-energize his staunchest supporters after months of White House backbiting and legislative failures.

White House officials have been urging the president to fire up his efforts on immigration and other agenda items favored by conservatives, evangelicals and working-class whites who propelled him to the Oval Office. The president has increased his media-bashing via Twitter and staged rallies hoping to marshal his base to his defense. On Monday, he lashed out at Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal in multiple tweets after the lawmaker expressed support for a special counsel’s probe of Trump’s associates’ links to Russia.

The surge underscores Trump’s shaky political position not yet seven months into his presidency. Trump has remained deeply unpopular among Democrats, and there are signs that his support among Republicans may be softening. His advisers are aware that a serious slip in support among his core voters could jeopardize hopes for a major, early legislative accomplishment and would certainly increase Republicans’ worries about his re-election prospects.

Trump on Monday dismissed his own adviser’s statement on his political standing after White House counselor Kellyanne Conway acknowledged that the president’s approval rating among Republicans “needs to go up.”

The president fired back on Twitter: “The Trump base is far bigger & stronger than ever before” and “will never change!”

But polling doesn’t support Trump’s claim. A recent Quinnipiac University survey showed the president’s approval dipping into negative territory among whites without college degrees — a key group of supporters for the president. The percentage of Republicans who strongly approve of his performance also fell, with just over half of Republicans saying they strongly approved of Trump. That’s down from the two-thirds of Republicans who strongly approved of the president’s performance in June.

Just one-third of all Americans approved of his job performance, a new low in the poll.

The president’s struggles already have prompted public speculation about his political future. The White House pushed back angrily Sunday against a New York Times report about Republicans preparing for 2020 presidential race that may not include Trump. The report described Vice President Mike Pence as laying the groundwork in case Trump does not run. Pence called the report “disgraceful.”

The chatter has been fueled by Trump’s unsuccessful attempt to shepherd health care legislation through Congress, the drip-drip of revelations about his associates’ ties to Russia and the churn of turnover and turmoil at the White House. The president’s advisers have tried to drown out the bad news by promoting policies that conservatives like.

“They are telling him, ‘just enact your program,'” Conway said of the president’s base. “Don’t worry about a Congress that isn’t supporting legislation to get big-ticket items done. And don’t worry about all the distractions and diversions and discouragement that others, who are trying to throw logs in your path, are throwing your way.”

In a televised event at the White House last week, the president endorsed legislation that would dramatically reduce legal immigration to the United States. The bill is unlikely to ever become law, but that mattered little to Trump’s advisers. Their barometer for success was the reaction from conservatives like commentator Ann Coulter, who called the White House’s backing of the controversial legislation “the best moment of the Trump presidency since the inauguration.”

Immigration is expected to continue being a focus for Trump in the coming weeks, including a push for the border wall with Mexico. Officials also are weighing a more public role for White House policy adviser Stephen Miller, a favorite of Trump backers whose hard-line immigration policies irritate some congressional Republicans.

The appointment of White House chief of staff John Kelly also fits into that effort. While Kelly was brought in primarily to bring much-needed discipline to the West Wing, officials note that he, too, is viewed favorably by some Trump loyalists for his early execution of the administration’s immigration policy as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Kelly’s appointment was particularly welcomed by senior strategist Steve Bannon, who has taken on the task of ensuring Trump doesn’t drift from the promises he made to his base during the campaign.

Several White House officials and Trump advisers insisted on anonymity in order to discuss the ways the administration is moving to shore up support for the president.

Some of what the president has to offer his core supporters is more show than substance. In late July, Trump announced on Twitter that he was banning transgender people serving in the military — a policy shift sought by social conservatives — despite the fact that the Pentagon had no plans in place to enact the change. The policy is now being crafted.

Alice Stewart, a conservative who worked for the presidential campaigns of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, said Trump is right to make overtures toward his coalition of loyal supporters, even if some of his moves are incomplete.

“I think people realize half a loaf is better than none,” Stewart said.

Mitch Harper, a former GOP state legislator and Republican activist in Indiana, said Trump will get credit from conservatives even for partial measures simply because he is “articulating things that they have not heard anyone articulate in a long time.”

And what about the results? Harper said Trump supporters “are willing to wait.”


Associated Press writers Emily Swanson in Washington, John Raby in Huntington, West Virginia, and Catherine Lucey in Bridgewater, New Jersey, contributed to this report.

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

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14 thoughts on “Trump Appeals To Loyalists As Supports Slips, Agenda Stalls

  1. Joe Gonzales on said:

    Who gives a FCK what Republicans and Democrats do? What the FCK has both parties done for us? They are by The same White Plantation Masters using us to fight for them so they can claim victory while stepping on our exhausted body.Get over it guys .

    • specialt757 on said:

      Obviously, it’s not that simple and I don’t disagree that both parties could care less about the American people. Our government is supposed to be a democracy, by the people for the people, so this is the hand we’re dealt and I’d rather have this than a dictatorship. We have to hold our elected officials accountable that’s it, after all it’s not as if we could change things by voting…right?
      You really need to take a chill pill cuz you are buggin’.

  2. Amber on said:

    24% of people think he is doing a good job. That 24% is either on drugs or stupid or full of hate. NO one with a brains should be supporting him in the way he behaves. If these 24% think Trump is good, I hate to see what they think is bad. Even Hilary at her worst moment wont touch Trump.

    • specialt757 on said:

      “That 24% is either on drugs or stupid or full of hate.” You got that right! They are either on drugs or should be medicated.

      • Passing Through! on said:

        The 24% are a bunch of diehard racist who desperately want trump to succeed because he’s white. Most of his voters voted for his racism not his policy or politics so they could care less about Russian or the fact that he’s a pathological liar, treasonous traitor, dumb as F**k too stupid to govern. The FBI has subpoenaed 45’s bank records, the impeachment clock is ticking.

  3. Humm I wonder by slipping supporters you mean the thousands of MS13 gang members he’s began targeting or the illegal criminal aliens he’s stepped up deportations on

    • Passing Through! on said:

      @JHUF No the 24% of Obama hating racist RupliKKKLAN gang members, the decedents of kidnappers, rapist, human enslavers who support trump’s stupid because they want this losing ass white man to win.

  4. Chump has no one to blame but HIMSELF for his low/poor performance ratings!!!!!!!

    His staunch supporters are simply DELUSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Specialt- True. After awhile I would hope some of his loyalist. Would stop defending the indefensible. I’m getting tired of commenting on his incompetent ass.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Lol you’re right. I said way back in the beginning, there would be a time when his supporters can no longer defend his lies and behavior. Oh but there are still way too many that are not giving up the fight, no matter how wrong he is. It reminds me of how the south keeps holding on to slavery as if were a badge of honor and not a travesty and horrible stain on American’s history. 45 too will go down in history as the worst president in modern day history, not because he can’t be/do better, but because he chooses not to, he always chooses to do the WRONG thing.

      • Exactly. Just like he has totally and completely decided not to comment on the mosque bombing, aka act of terror. Nor has he commented on the soldiers who died in that crash yesterday. He’s just the worst of the worst. SAD!!!!!!!!!

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