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50 Cent went hard in the paint on Monday evening in an Instagram post that alleged the rapper may be cutting the lights on the hit show.


“I woke up feeling a little different about POWER this morning . If the biggest show on your net work doesn’t mean anything, what does your network mean STARZ? I’m taking my talents to south beach f–k this,” the rapper wrote.

50, who serves as the show’s executive producer, lashed out after Sunday night’s explosive episode which culminated in the death of two major character’s played by Anika Noni Rose and J.R. Ramirez.

Courtney Kemp, the show’s creator and executive producer told Entertainment Weekly that Starz would not allow for a two-part episode which would reveal a more in-depth storyline.

 “I asked them for 12 episodes for season 4 and they would not do it. So because they would not do it, we had to make it one episode,” Kemp said.

This isn’t the first time 50 took to social media to express his grievances. Just last season, the rapper went off in an Instagram post over an episode that exposed his genitals, and later confessed his lashing out was just a ploy for more viewers.

SOURCE:: Variety Entertainment Weekly


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6 thoughts on “Is 50 Cent Pulling The Plug On ‘Power?’

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I hope he finds another network if Starz won’t allow for 12 episodes. This the biggest show on the starz network and they don’t seem to recognize that. Does it come down to $$ and cents? Is the show losing money from sponsors? I mean what is the deal. The more episodes the longer people tune in. I’m pretty sure this decision came from someone with a Master’s or doctorate with no real common sense or sense of reality.
    Disclaimer: If you have a master’s or doctorate and you have common sense or sense of reality, I’m not talking about you.

  2. Creole4life on said:

    He is not going to shut down a successful show over not being able air a two part episode. I don’t see that happening

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