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Jenifer Lewis received a healthy settlement from LA Fitness. Lewis sued LA Fitness earlier this year accusing them of hiring a con-man who took $50k from her.

When she started going to the West Hollywood location, she met a manager who worked there. They developed a relationship outside of the gym when 3 months in he asked her for some money fund a film he was making.

He told Lewis that it could win an Oscar, because he had earlier works that won awards in the sound design category. After hearing this Lewis agreed to loan him the money.

However after some time Lewis found out that the man was lying and had previous jail time records. She criticized and blamed LA Fitness for not performing a thorough background check on their employee.

She went back to talk with LA Fitness about the issue but they stood behind their employee and told her to stop throwing blame on them.

Lewis even went to social media, posting on Instagram about her problem


LA Fitness gave a statement saying that all of their employees have background checks. They say the accused manager’s back ground check came back with no evidence or history of scams.

(Source: the Jasmine Brand)

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15 thoughts on “Jenifer Lewis Wins Settlement From LA Fitness

  1. Valerie W on said:

    You people are some ASSHOLES. The man had FAKE OSCARS MADE for his PRODUCTION COMPANY (fake) which he USED TO SCAM THESE INVESTORS (not only Ms Lewis, there were others before, hence his jail record) so fuck all of you, you side with a manipulative, abusive, NARCISSIST and you are all narcs your damn selves may you each find a new friend, lover, business opportunity etc. only to be BAIT & SWITCHED and THEN blamed for believing the carefully woven web of lies. Sorry Jennifer, on behalf of all of us who have been conned, abused, and even murdered by these SUB-HUMAN DEMONIC ENTITIES

  2. You women sound like a bunch of jealous jerks, till you know the in depth of the story, take a seat,Ms Lewis is a intelligent enough women to know what went down,and a suit like this there had to be something wrg.

  3. I’m a fan, and I applaud Jenifer for finding a way to recoup her money. Best lessons are the ones you pay for. Hopefully, she won’t have to pay for htat one twice!

    • Totally belittles our justice system. Ladies, do we go sue the bars when we meet con artists there? She said it, “someone she planned to build a life with.” Whose error in judgment was this? Go take responsibility and get some shame, Mrs Desperado.

  4. Chastity on said:

    I am a fan of Ms. Lewis’. I love the characters she play. I must say this was dumb on her part and I would like to know how LA Fitness is to blame for her stupidity. It is not their fault that she decided to loan a MAN $50K, unless they asked him to do so for the business. She is old enough to know better. REAL MEN do not borrow money from women!!!

  5. Kristina K on said:

    So Ms Jenifer blamed LA Fitness for her own stupidity, sues and win. How about taking ownership in your role and learn from it, hot in the underpants, I presume

  6. specialt757 on said:

    Speaking of background checks, lots of places don’t even bother to do them. I was watching a court case once and the was a man/woman who worked at the gym and the owner couldn’t tell she was born a he, but he thought he had hired a female for his female customers. The owner kept hittin’ on her and she was turning him down. Well to his surprise, a female customer had walked into the shower/dressing room right in the middle of her/him showering or changing and he/she still had his penis. Let’s just say, lots of drama followed. But that’s the only way the owner found out she was a he. Apparently, in CA, the DMV allows trans-people to choose the sex they want to have on their DL, but I think they have to show they are in pre-op or transitioning.

  7. LA Fitness and background checks are sketchy at best. About 2 or 3 years ago the local LaFitness morning janitor was killed in a cop chase accident, he had robbed a bank and was trying to get away and instead crashed his car and subsequently died. It was later found out the same janitor had spent time in jail for robbery, he had a 20 year career as a bank robber!!

  8. I definitely don’t see how she won, it was not LA fitness’ fault she loaned this scam artist money, it was hers. She must have had some compelling evidence that LA F didn’t want to surface.

  9. They must have wanted to avoid a court trial at all costs. Damn! If a scammer is good enough, you wouldn’t find any record. On the other hand, maybe this was his first time. He saw a sucker and licked. Either way, LA Fitness is the second sucker.

  10. Jennifer you always play the role of a no nonsense woman in many of your roles. What happened….baby LA Fitness is not blame you should have known better …No one should lend money to a Man..the key word here is MAN…He should have had his own MONEY…YOU GOT PLAYED….

  11. Who the hell in their right mind loans a man 50K after only knowing him for three months?
    Sorry, but Jeniffer does not deserve to recoup for her own STUPIDITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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