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30 thoughts on “Unarmed Black Man Shot By Police In Louisiana, Girlfriend Arrested

  1. Grady White on said:

    Does anyone believe for a moment that this cat was out with Dequince catching frogs at 4 a.m.? Keep supporting thugs and they will keep being thugs. Therein lies the solution.

  2. B. Brown on said:

    What is really going on ,is it a new unwritten law that the police can just kill whoever they want as long as they are in uniform ! Do they wake up looking for their chance to be in the news for killing somebody,I mean it seems to be just that crazy out here now. People need to stop challenging the police when confronted .Even in some cases when people have not resisted they were still shot down like dogs in the street.Enough already Enough! Stay Alive to Testify! There has to be a solution to all of this I,m just sick of it !

  3. specialt757 on said:

    I guess we’ll have to wait until the “facts” come out from the police. I know they will get it right. (sarcasm btw).

  4. This young man got a major break back in 2015. He was charged with theft and attempted murder for trying to steal an ATM and shooting at police officers. In a move that some think is only afforded to white people in the form of “white privilege”, he was allowed to plead down to simple theft and was sentenced to ten years hard labor with five years suspended and five years probation. I’d be willing to bet my forty acres and a mule that there is more to this story than what has been printed so far.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    It’s clear from the reports this guy was unarmed at the time of his murder. So the next we’re going to hear the cop say “I feared for my life”, they are trained to say this, cop training 101.
    Ms. Brown is lucky she wasn’t killed as well. She bit the cop on the neck, I guess he didn’t fear for his life.

  6. Dr. Larry on said:

    Mamou, LA –
    Police records in Evangeline Parish identify the man arrested Monday night in the theft of an ATM in Mamou is 25-year-old Dejuan Guillory.
    Guillory, of Mamou, was booked into the Evangeline Parish Jail on one count of felony theft.
    On Monday at 3 a.m., an ATM pried was from the Citizen’s Bank on Poinciana Avenue using a backhoe. Police say an officer caught the suspect in the act, but the suspect opened fire on officers. The ATM and the backhoe were later found a short distance away at Country Lane.

    Anyone care to guess who the guilty party was. Yep, good boy, getting life together, playa, Dejuan. Yep

    • Why? Because white cops who kill unarmed black men always tell the truth right?
      Michael Slager comes to mind. Yeah you remember him, he shot Walter Scott in the back running away and tried to plant evidence to support his murder, you the know the one, the lying bastard cop in S.C.

  7. Diane on said:

    My lst thought was to call this cop a muderer. We knw no matter what went down before this guys death, once again the muderous cop is judge, jury, and executioner. I’m sick of it. Of course we will learn about everything bad this guy did since he was in kindergarten, becuz that’s how they do US..

  8. FallMornings on said:

    @L. Even when we do that, not argue and comply, a trigger happy officer could still shoot and kill us. I too hope the girlfriend has the cellphone video to prove his guilt. Damn, this young man will never see his children grow into adulthood. Or chase his grandkids.

  9. specialt757 on said:

    Trust and believe, if there is no video evidence, body cam or passerby, that tell a complete story, there will be no charges against this cold blooded murderer. And as we saw in the Sterling case in LA, those cops were never charged even with video evidence. Hell they are probably still on paid vacation.
    Arguing with a cop is not an offense worthy of murder. Who the f**k says that cops are always right and you don’t have a right to protest a stop? Not having an ID is also not a crime worthy of death. This could have ended so much better where everyone could have made it home alive. But here we go again. Right Linda, why in the hell do blacks have to ALWAYS prove we belong? Why is that Jose’?

    • As I have said there has to be more to this story, as for the narrative that a not having an ID is worthy of the death penalty, not having an ID and getting into a physical altercation with police is, and if by protest you mean not complying with officers request
      ID name DOB ect. NO you don’t have that right, this day and age only an idiot or someone with something to hide would leave home with-out ID, Black, White, Asian even Space alien for that matter what if something happens to you and you can’t speak for yourself. And I know the race baiters love to put forth the fairy tale of cops are only shooting black men but those who are attuned to what’s going on in the world (besides that Trump/Russia Bullsh!t) know better

      • specialt757 on said:

        No, not only blacks get killed by officers, others do as well, most of them are committing felony crimes, some not. But far too many UNARMED black people have been MURDERED by cops and cops are almost never held accountable. Cops are not the judge, jury and executioner, they arrest their suspect(s), let the others do their jobs and convict.

  10. Knowledge on said:

    The first thing this slave said was I forgive the cop. This turn the other cheek bs is why we get treated with no respect

  11. Black people comply and cops still kill us does Philando Castile ring a bell. Lowlife cop shot him in the back then continued to shoot him. They’re.Charging the girlfriend with attempted First degree murder of an police office is absurd what was she going to do bite him to death it’s not like she took his gun and used it

  12. Must be more to this somethings missing, I know ATV’s are off-road vehicles and I you can be ticketed for riding them on the street

  13. First of all-why did the POS PIG pull the couple over in the first place?
    Why do people of color always need to prove that WE BELONG?????

    The young man was also in the wrong because he continued to argue with the cops.
    Just comply with their asses-give them your Photo ID, license, whatever they ask for.
    Try to remain calm and don’t make any false moves and give them a reason to SHOOT and
    KILL you!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope the girlfriend was able to capture this entire incident on her cellphone!!!!!!!
    It will PROVE that the PIG was the one in the WRONG!!!!!!!!

    Shooting an UN-ARMED civilian in the back is COLD BLOODED MURDER!!!!!!!

  14. Heyyou!!!! on said:

    The article mentioned nothing about handcuffs Mary. It stated in the article that “they were both on the ground but the victim was on his belly with his hands behind his back.

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      They didn’t. Keep in mind, this is a black woman named Dequince retelling these “facts” Come on Peeps, how many fell for “Hands up, don’t shoot”?

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