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The KKK is coming to Charlottesville, Virginia.

The white-hooded, white supremacist group is planning a rally in Charlottesville on July 8 and emotions, as expected, are running high.

Some whites in Charlottesville are still fuming after the city approved the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee in 2012, which sparked an ongoing debate about eliminating Confederate monuments.

The KKK plans to spread its message of hate in Charlottesville on Saturday and some African-American activists say the best way to deal with the KKK is to ignore the rally. Some Black community leaders are asking Black residents to avoid the KKK event altogether because they are concerned about the potential for violence.

I agree.

“We’re here because we wanted to provide the community with an opportunity to not only have their voices heard, but also inform everyone that strategy, not emotion, is what is needed right now,” Charlottesville Vice Mayor Wes Bellamy said last month during a community meeting.

A Charlottesville faith group, The Charlottesville Clergy Collective, is planning diplomatic events to promote peace and racial understanding in advance of the KKK rally. They are not intending to spark a confrontation.

Here’s a fact: White supremacist groups are on the rise since President Donald Trump was elected in 2016 and hate groups are feeling more emboldened after the presidential election.

Community leaders in Charlottesville also said Unity and Security for America, another conservative group, has scheduled a rally in Charlottesville for Aug. 12 – another day of potentially hateful rhetoric. Their website suggests an anti-immigrant ideology and a violent strategy against their opponents.

“Street action is one the best, most unique qualities of Unity and Security. We can stand up to a mob of frothing Leftists and win,” according to the website.

The KKK rally comes as archaeologists are excavating an area of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello mansion and have uncovered the living quarters of Sally Hemings, the enslaved woman, who, historians believe, gave birth to six of Jefferson’s children.

“This discovery gives us a sense of how enslaved people were living. Some of Sally’s children may have been born in this room,” said Gardiner Hallock, director of restoration for Jefferson’s mountaintop plantation, standing on a red-dirt floor inside a dusty rubble-stone room built in 1809. “It’s important because it shows Sally as a human being — a mother, daughter, and sister — and brings out the relationships in her life.”

I visited Charlottesville in April and learned that Hemings’ quarters revealed the original brick hearth and fireplace, the brick structure for a stove and the original floors from the early 1800s.

It’s a fascinating and important part of American history. Today, Hemings’ room is being restored for eventual public viewing. Monticello’s curators are working diligently to incorporate Hemings’ life as part of Jefferson’s comprehensive story, which counters old newspaper accounts citing Hemings as Jefferson’s “concubine.”

But there are some white supremacists who are opposed to Monticello’s research about Charlottesville’s Black history and many, decades later, still won’t accept that the Civil War was fought over slavery.

The KKK rally will surely open old wounds – and perhaps create new ones – but Black citizens in Charlottesville should show restraint and ignore the ignorant rants from obsolete racists.

What do you think?

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31 thoughts on “Ignoring KKK Is The Right Thing To Do In Charlottesville

  1. This country is always worried about foreign terrorism-ISIS-
    when we have enuff home grown terrorists right here at home-i.e.-ARYAN NATION/ALT-RIGHT/KKK.

    Time to clean up our own s–t first.!!!!!!!!!

  2. B. Brown on said:

    Some people want to live in the past and remember days gone by don’t sweat it Evil has no power other than what we give it !It is a free country so every group has the right to a peaceful protest .We will never change hatred in the hearts of all men . Their day of judgement will come.

  3. Willie on said:

    GREATEST SECRET OF ALL TIMES is that a Majority of White Supremacist have Black Ancestry via the impregnation of Black females slaves from their white Plantation owners, which resulted in biracial babies. As such, the white supremacist in the 21st Century with the last names such as Washington, Jackson, Jones, Rice, McMillian, Parker, etc. and the Black People with those SAME LAST NAMES are Direct Relatives. This Truth, whitey can’t handle; that they are our Direct Relatives.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Jb yep, and they are one in the same. He is trying, stupidly I might add, to play on our ignorance and think we are stupid enough to fall for it. He is a simple-minded fool. I got to die from something and I might not be able to pick the time or place, but surely on that day and that time, Charlottesville VA won’t be it.
    Oh and to the KKK come on over to my place, my address, “chickenshit” don’t live there baby, I believe in OUR 2nd amendment rights, shoot first and scrape your body up second, or what’s left of it.

  5. Honestly on said:

    You can’t ignore violent cave n!@@ers. Do to so is imprudent and detrimental to your well being. They should have never been let out of the caves of Europe.

    • specialt757 on said:

      Honestly tho, what’s the purpose of fighting ignorance with ignorance? You go, I’ll watch on TV, a reality show, no script, just ignorance.

    • Far from a whiteboy….my great great grandfather a pastor was lynched by the Klan….and when his son my great grandad grew up he became the pastor of the same church and the Klan lynched him too…you negros are the weakest of our people who go in your houses to pray and think ignoring the Klan will save you while they burn your house down outside….the people showed the Klan in full force they will be confronted to save your sorry azzes…

  6. Alberta on said:

    SALTINES going to get broken in pieces….all you Black Crackers who support white folk will get hurt for helping your suppressor! You got nothing after the Vietnam war because you came home a Murderer! You murdering Black crackers who love to fight all the nations around you like the White man will be judged…You are a Murderer,,,ta gets Nothing!

  7. Phoenix on said:

    Yes ignoring them is absolutely the best thing to do. You can’t change people’s feelings about hate and they can only change when they are ready to change. No one cares about bigotry so adding fuel to the fire is exactly what they want. Just go about your day and ignore them is the best medicine for them 🙂

  8. Vicky on said:

    Show them KKK that you’re not going to add fuel to their fire and that they are not relavent let their ass rally all by themselves and I hope it’s 100° on their day of rallying ignore the ignorance

  9. All this praying and hiding sounds like chicken negro action..they should be met by us…so they and their ilk will know our response is dangerous for them….some of us die but so will some of them….and their rallys afterwards will dwindle back to secret locations…

    • When you come upon a pile of s**t, you hop over it. It’ll soon dry up. Keep stepping in it and it stays stinky and wet. Ignore this foolishness. The more attention they get, the more relevant they become. “Some of us will die?” What the f**k for? There’s nothing to die for. They have no power where we or any other people are concerned. People tend to drift off in the direction they’re looking in. They can’t move forward because they keep looking back. You seem to be stuck waaaaaay back. Snap out of if already. If you want to die for something, make it something worth dying for. This ain’t it doc.

      • Meanwhile as you are ignoring inside your home the Klan is burning it down outside…ignorant negro chicken sht….thousands showed the world yesterday the Klan will be confronted to save your hiding azz…the past,present and future are all connected…change has never come from ignoring…change comes from confronting issues…ignore cancer in your body or a loved ones body and it won’t go away…chicken sht…

  10. Tunisia Morse on said:

    That’s not correct there’s an underground created by your former presidents especially Reagan. Pouring guns and drugs into our environment. Tryin to eat, we gonna make it do what it do. Now Heroin has hit the white hood kkk will have to go fetch their kids instead of inciting riots for a President who don’t give a F**** about no one but himself

  11. The Black community have more important issues to address, than lowering their standards and dignity, to even acknowledge the KKK rally. March on KKK, we don’t have time for you !!!

  12. Marquita Lacole Barnes on said:

    @say what! Asians are killing Asians, Mexicans are killing Mexicans, and white folks are killing one another too, so what’s the point to that statement!!!

    • Say What on said:

      I understand your point but that is what KKK are saying and it is nothing new but in their eyes, we as blacks kill each other at a higher rate than the groups you listed Yes they kill but name a city in America where white, Asians are killing each other at the same rate as blacks are killing each other. Chicago just has over 100 shooting this weekend alone 15 died ALL Black. That is there point I hate to hear them say it but I can not den it (I live in Georgia).

  13. specialt757 on said:

    “Here’s a fact: White supremacist groups are on the rise since President Donald Trump was elected in 2016”
    They are his primary supporters.

  14. specialt757 on said:

    Ignoring them is the best thing to do. Blacks living in or around the around should definitely avoid this area on those days. It takes two (sides) to argue and they will look ignorant & silly as hell yelling and fighting with no one. PLEASE, PLEASE, black folks do not go and remind your young folks not to attend.

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