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It’s been two weeks since Officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted on charges related to the death of Philando Castile and several activists are calling out the National Rifle Association for their failure to address the issue, reports CNN.

According to the outlet, activist Tamika D. Mallory penned a letter to NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre on Wednesday, criticizing the organization for not publicly defending Castile and his family.

“You are responsible for an organization that claims to be the ‘oldest civil rights organization in America’. However, recent actions by the NRA demonstrate not only a complete disregard for the lives of black and brown people in America – your fellow citizens – but appear to be a direct endorsement of violence against these citizens exercising their constitutional right to protest.” wrote Mallory.

In the letter, Mallory also expressed her disapproval of a pro-police ad released by the organization that disparages protestors, reports the source. “At a time when our nation is seeing a rise in racially charged incidents and violence motivated by hate speech, it is unconscionable for a powerful organization like yours to unashamedly peddle an “us versus them” narrative,” Mallory wrote.

According to CNN, following Castile’s death in July 2016, the organization released a statement saying that the incident was “troubling” but has remained mum on the issue ever since.

Several people took to social media to express their discontent over the NRA’s silence and their outrage over the video.

CNN reports that the NRA has received Mallory’s letter, but has not released a statement.

On Monday, Castile’s family settled a wrongful death lawsuit with the city of St. Anthony for $3 million.



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