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Bruno Mars performs at the Staples Cente

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One Twitter user found out what happens when you come for Bruno Mars and his music.

Plenty of people love Bruno’s music, and his sound has certainly evolved from his first album to his current one. He’s gone from crooner pop to funk, and it’s all been good.

Bruno expanded on his popularity with Uptown Funk, and it’s been played every party in existence since it came out. He rode that love to a gig opening the BET Awards this weekend, but not everyone was thrilled with his appearance.

A woman named Jenn M. Jackson, who has written for The Root and The Washington Post, went on Twitter to let it be known that she thinks Bruno’s sound is nothing more than cultural appropriation. Admittedly, Bruno’s latest album sounds like Saturday at the beauty shop. However, Jenn is not happy with how he’s risen to fame.

Before her viewed as nothing more than empty criticism, she broke down her argument.

Then she brought a few more names into the mix.


When Black Twitter caught hold of the accusation, his fans spoke up in his defense. While no one denied that Bruno was borrowing on Black music for the current incarnation of his sound, none of his listeners were holding it against him.

To be fair, it’s hard to be mad at the man behind some of the only music that everyone at the family cookout can bop to.

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