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Jada Pinkett Smith is setting the record straight following reports that her son Jaden and daughter Willow had moved out of the house to live on their own.

“Listen, only Jaden and Trey [moved out]! Willow is still with me,” Pinkett Smith told “Entertainment Tonight” on Sunday. “Yes, Willow hasn’t left yet. Now, she will be 18 soon and I’m sure as soon as she turns 18, she’s out. But I have two that are gone, Jaden and Trey are gone. But Willow is still there!”

“That’s what we prepare them for — to go,” she explained. “So Mommy goes, ‘Bye!’”

Although Jaden and Trey have flown the coup, they haven’t gone far.

“The thing is, Jaden lives five minutes from me,” the Girls Trip star said. “Trey lives five minutes from me. They’re at the house every day. It’s almost like as your kids get older, they actually need you more,” she said. “So, I have three older kids that need me, like, more than ever! I’m like, ‘I’mma get my groove back, I got my freedom.’ And then it’s like, ‘No. No.’”

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