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10-year-old Kheris Rogers knows what its like to feel like an outsider.

The Los Angeles fifth grader had to transfer from her mostly white school to a more racially diverse one to avoid being bullied for her dark skin. But when she got to her new school, she was still taunted—and to her surprise, from other Black classmates.

“I just didn’t feel I was that pretty. I thought it was really ugly,  people telling me it was ugly she told CBS Los Angeles back in April. She added: “I felt like they were bullying me because of my skin color because I was darker.”

But the pre-teen has turned her mistreatment into an empowering lesson of self-love by starting a new t-shirt line that celebrates her skin color. Rogers said that she was inspired to create “Flexin’ In My Complexion” after she and her 22-year-old sister Taylor Pollard started a Twitter account that consisted of pictures of  Rogers. The account went viral with people praising the tween for being unapologetically Black and her courage to speak out against colorism.

Fans also stressed that Rogers was a beautiful young girl.

“After I read all those comments I was like – wow – am I really that pretty?” Rogers told CBS Los Angeles.

And from there, a grand idea was born:

The t-shirts cost up to $15 and proceeds will go to funding her education.

Playing off 2015’s trending hasthag #FlexinInMyComplexion, Rogers told Mashable that she hopes her shirts remind others that their skin color is beautiful—regardless of the shade.

“I wanted to create this clothing line to inspire other people to be confident and comfortable in their skin,” she stressed. “The reason why the font on our Classic shirts is so bold is because we wanted the shirts to be just as bold as the message.”

She also plans on adding other styles for the summer that includes fitted shirts, crop tops and toddler sizes.

In the end, Rogers is just excited that her mission is being celebrated and has resonated with so many people.

“It is very exciting that so many people are supporting,” she says. “There have been so many people reaching out and telling me their own stories, and I appreciate it because I know that I am not alone in my experience.”

Interested in buying a t-shirt? Learn more about “Flexin’ In My Complexion” here.

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23 thoughts on “Girl Bullied For Her Dark Skin Starts T-Shirt Line That Celebrates Her Melanin

  1. RENO2AC on said:

    Yesssssssss, baby girl! I am medium brown, and I cannot count the number of times I heard, “cute to be dark,” while growing up. I was not taught that “Slave Mentality.”

  2. Cathy57 on said:

    She’s stunningly beautiful. What more can be said! This girl is gorgeous and her skin flawless and smooth. I hope she excels in everything that she does and for those who bullied her because of her beautiful complexion eat her dust!!!! This child is going to make it and I can bet a modeling agency is already knocking on her door. Beautiful skin and beautiful hair. You rock it Lil Mama!

  3. mrknowitall on said:

    This is a prime example of black racism, black bigotry, black skin privlege, but the black cover-up is in full denial. If European American students said the hateful things this black girl had to hear, the school would have black riots. This IS black privilege & racist two step.

    • Say What! on said:

      It is COLORISM, NOT Racism. Sad but it still exist. And what is worst is blacks who act like and claim they do not behave in this manner but they do regardless if they realize it or not

      • mrknowitall on said:

        Colorisum IS racism but in racist black code speak. Black racist daily attack other blacks, be it light or dark skin.
        If European Americans said exactly the same thing for exactly the same reason, racism would be the reason, but the black privileged bigots get a black privileged pass. STOP BLACK RACISIM

      • Say What! on said:

        Colorism is NOT racism. Racism is SYSTEMIC and having the POWER to OPPRESS ANOTHER GROUP based your beliefs that you are superior to another group. I do not care how desperate some people want to believe but blacks can not be racist. Who can blacks oppress? No one. blacks can barely get themselves out; if so, then why do blacks still have to fight for civil rights, equal criminal justice, housing, equality, debate on what we must name our kids in order to get jobs (whites do not have these problems). Colorism came about DUE to whites mixing which was a tool use to keep blacks divided (Wyllie Lynch theory). Too bad we still buy into it.

      • Say What! on said:

        Eureopean Americas (whites) are in the position of POWER where they can be racist. The society is CONTROLLED by whites.

      • Say What! on said:

        Knowitall, I do agree that blacks can be bigots and prejudice-a negative attitude toward another group based on race, religion, etc. but NOT racist or practice racism. We have colorism in our race which is also part of self hate.

    • Leslie on said:

      Yup, I agree with you! We make such a huge deal over any infraction committed against us by people from outside our race, but say very little to nothing about this type of ignorance, which is just as damaging! Colorist is symptomatic of a slave mentality, and my God is it not heartbreaking to see that is still alive and kicking here in 2017! This child is drop-dead GORGEOUS, yet all some could do was try and find fault in that beautiful complexion of hers. Learned behavior and bad conditioning. It starts with us as parents. It’s up to us to unlearn and live who we are-from our hair to our skin to our features, so that we can teach the youth that exact same love and pride from the time they leave the womb!

      • Leslie on said:

        I mean to type “Colorism” not “Colorist”, but I don’t know how to edit my comment…

      • Say What! on said:

        So true Leslie but being 2017 has nothing to do with thought. People seem to think that there is a “timeline” on hate or beliefs. Nothing change, just the appears change.

  4. Melvinowens on said:

    It appears that self-hating negroes at the new school bullied her because of her dark skin. Maybe these people should travel to northern Wisconsin where they hate all black folks dark skinned and light skinned

  5. specialt757 on said:

    I love it! She turned lemons into lemonade and now all her haters can kill her dark skin a$$. Way the think outside the box pretty baby.

    • Cathy57 on said:

      I agree with you 100% She’s making that money and all of her haters are really gonna hate her now. Their jealousy will show. They caused this girl to now shine! She is on top now and I see huge things happening for her. She’s a beauty and will go places.

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