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After an initial March meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus, President Trump wants to meet with the CBC again, to “restart talks,” according to CBS News.

Omarosa Manigault Newman sent a letter to the CBC in early June, inviting all members the caucus back to the White House.

CBS obtained a copy of the invite which says that the meeting was requested directly by the president.

Yet, as of press time, a meeting has not yet been scheduled.

The initial March 22 meeting went to pot, after the CBC raised issue with Trump’s blueprint budget and the GOP healthcare plan.

CBS reports that a source inside the CBC was skeptical about the latest invitation, saying, “We’re willing to engage with the president, but it has to be a substantive policy discussion, not a photo op.”

The caucus has been quite clear that the policy proposals of this administration, from cutting early childhood education funding to dismantling the Affordable Care Act, would cause great harm to African-American communities across the nation,” the source added.


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17 thoughts on “Omarosa Invites Congressional Black Caucus To White House Again

  1. straightnochaser on said:

    Is it me, or does that dude standing behind Omarosa look like Pontius Pilate just sentenced him to die on a cross?

  2. Sharron Jones on said:

    Did you not learn from that last photo op? They don’t want you there for real, just another photo op to save face after the hell they caught last time.

  3. stephanie Jones on said:

    They don’t have to be disrespectful or ignorant, a simple decline will suffice. Omarosa the apprentice needs to sit and think about her action

  4. jhuff on said:

    CBC got zip from the Obama admin. AA’s got zip from Obama admin. Trump is at least extending an invite yet the Race Baiters wont have it after all their agenda is to keep AA’s
    poor uneducated unemployed oppressed trapped in ghettos that keeps them in power
    one only needs to look at areas run by Race hustlers, poverty pimps grievance merchants
    our situation becomes more dyer while they become more powerful and prosperous

  5. The members of the Black Caucus should accept Aunt Jemima’s invitation to the WH.

    When they get there all of them should pull down their pants-show Omarosa two moons-
    and tell her to kiss their black a—-es!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She is only looking for a photo-op-her phony ass could care less about African American
    issues or concerns.

  6. Mia.P on said:

    Yes I hope they don’t go that orange face is not for us he just trying to win reelection but he won’t if they don’t impeach that fool he will only do 4 years not matter if the Black tom’s visit him or not people are tired of that racist lying orange face fool and the rest of them coons that are kissing his ass. GET THEM OUT

    • hotlanta on said:

      The fund for HBCU was started by Jimmy Carter and it was signed every year. Obama put more money in the fund and Dump was supposed to increase it. All he did was signed an order for the office to move across the street and didn’t add anymore money to the fund as promised by Omarosa. If you are rating Dump on what Obama did/didn’t do as President you have lost already because Dump hasn’t done anything but keep his finger on Twitter.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Don’t waste your time, even if you wrote that in orange crayons in big easy to understand letters, people like larry don’t want to accept the truth, when a lie is more entertaining and fits their agenda. He’s the thing #45 using to wipe his butt, but he loves him.

    • Mia.P on said:

      No he did not he have not done anything and keep lying that he have tell me what money have the HBCU receive from that orange face fool and I hope them President of the school tell him and that fucking Omarosa to suck where the sun don’t shine.

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