Why It Really Matters If The Warriors Do A Photo Op At Trump’s White House



I’m a Warriors fan. My family and I caught the bug several years ago when we lived in California and have followed the team closely ever since. My 10-year-old son, who plays ball, worships the ground several of the players walk on. One of my best friends spouse is a longtime employee of the team. I’ve become friends with several of the players and coaches and executives on the team and talk with them often about basketball, parenting, and injustice in America. We have Warriors magnets on our fridge, hats on heads, and gear in our closets. Again, I’m a fan.


That’s partly why I was so damn pumped when I read a tweet this morning from a CNBC contributor stating that the team had unanimously agreed that they wouldn’t be visiting Donald Trump’s White House. The team, according to new reports, has not yet received an invitation, or made a formal decision on whether or not they will be doing a photo-op with Trump.


After seeing the mixed messages, I reached out to my friends with the team and got absolute clarity. The players, coaches, executives, and investors I know all made it abundantly clear that under no circumstance would they be visiting Donald Trump’s White House now, or later, for any photo ops whatsoever. Without fail, they each told me they were just speaking for themselves, and that the team would be making an official statement later today. That statement has since been released and says:


“Today is all about celebrating our championship. We have not received an invitation to the White House, but will make those decisions when and if necessary.”


When I read that statement, I saw two carefully parsed sentences that went out of their way to not contradict the people I spoke with from inside of the organization. The team is right – today should indeed be all about celebrating their championship, but it just so happens that, that championship was won in 2017 – in one of the most politically charged and polarizing periods in modern American history.


Whether our favorite teams or brands or celebrities want to take a side or not on issues around Donald Trump, the time demands it of all of us. What Donald Trump says and does affects all of us. His bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, and egregious dishonesty impact all of us – whether we speak out those things or not. His horrible and inhumane budget and his push to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a plan that causes tens of millions of people to lose their health insurance – requires not just that politicians speak out, but that all of us speak out on what’s being said and done by the President of the United States of America.


And for their part, so many coaches and players and executives for the Warriors have spoken out publicly on Trump over the past year. His dangerous foolishness affects them, their fans, and their family as well. While many people may be able to temporarily pretend like Donald Trump’s not a monster in order to appear on the White House lawn for a smiling photo-op with him, I seriously doubt anybody for the Warriors organization is going to be willing to do so themselves.


It appears the CNBC contributor may have jumped the gun on his tweet that the Warriors wouldn’t be going to the White House, but it will probably be proven true nonetheless. With so much talk about whether or not the Warriors will or won’t go to the White House, I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump flat out fails to invite the team at all. In fact, I think Trump’s going to have a hard time finding almost any players or coaches from the NBA who feel like hanging out with him for the day. If his approval ratings continue to slide, pretty soon he’ll struggle to find anybody he’s not related to or paying to stand by his side.


We’ll see if Trump extends the invitation, but based on what I’ve heard from people within the organization, he’s not going to like the answer. This is as sure of a sign of the times as we could ever have.  I hope the Warriors don’t go. I hope they do hold a unanimous vote and instead decide to do something far more meaningful with their time and influence instead of allowing Trump to smile in their faces while he harms the very people and causes they care about the most.


Yes, he’s President of the United States. Yes, that’s the White House. But we live in a different time and he’s a different man. It would cheapen the Warriors brand by appearing in his presence.


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12 thoughts on “Why It Really Matters If The Warriors Do A Photo Op At Trump’s White House

  1. Brandy Butler on said:

    I wish he would’ve invited me he is one of my favorite people and yes I would have went don’t follow them cause they famous hell with what stef curry and lebron say I would liked to go visit him and even work for him and I am a black princess I love trump love for the u.s. he is my President and hero for the world

  2. Grady White on said:

    Welcome to Father’s Day weekend, the most confusing and uncelebrated day in black neighborhoods all over the country

    • Diane on said:

      @grady/Chris. There are a lot of blk fathers out there doing their fatherly duties daily. Go some where else with your continue bashing of our blk men. We’re not here for this sh*t today, tomorrow , ever. Happy fathers days to the fathers out there.

  3. Dr. Larry on said:

    In real news today, Trump ends Obamas policy of supporting Communist Cuba. “The new policies, Trump continued, would require Cuba to “put an end to the abuse of dissidents, release the political prisoners, stop jailing innocent people, open yourselves to political and economic freedoms, return the fugitives from American justice, including the return of the cop killer Joanne Chesimard” before America would be open to a deal with them” MAGA

  4. Della 1 on said:

    I think they should go to Washington and I heard on Tom Joyner’s show today they can stopped by President Obama’s new home just to say “hi”

  5. specialt757 on said:

    Y’all know how fragile #45’s ego is, they won’t receive an invitation, especially after hearing some of the team would rather cut off their right ear than to pose in a fake ass photo op with ole carrot face. And he is getting sooooo damn fat YUK! He doesn’t or never has looked presidential. America should really be ashamed.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Diane, I’m ashamed and embarrassed. He will be included in our history books, probably as the worst president of the 21st century. Shame on you America, first you stole this land from the natives, enslaved human beings, and now this. Smh.

  6. Diane on said:

    Damn it’s only been 6 mos. it seems like 4 yrs already. I hope they refuse to go, if they’re invited. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t receive an invite

  7. I am not a GS Warrior’s fan. I wanted Lebron to receive another championship ring.
    However, since GS did win-it should be their decision whether or not they wish to
    visit the WH -that is if an invitation is granted to them by the Idiot-in Chief.

    Right now, Chump seems to have a lot on his plate. Maybe he should simply focus on lasting
    until the end of 2017 as the 45th president!!!!!!!!!!

    • leigh on said:

      I really hope he doesnt last until the end of 2017.. I hope the lawsuit turns into impeachment, he kills himself from stress, he calls it quit, or someone wacks him because he said some racist shit in their face and they lose it ( I think we will have our 1st WH staff going postal because of Trumps mouth. . . .

      • jhuf on said:

        hey if they don’t go they don’t go it’s their loss there were team members that didn’t go to the WH when Obama was there

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