06/13/17 – Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Tizita Balemlay about her claim that Kylie Jenner ripped off her brand’s design for her new clothing line.

Tizita Balemlay’s designs

I woke up to bitches looking like me.. *Carti Voice 🔌 #PLUGGEDARMY #PLUGGEDNYC #RESPECTTHECULTURE @hous11glam

A post shared by Tizita Balemlay (@theplugsdaughterr) on


Kylie’s new clothing line 


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2 thoughts on “INSIDE HER STORY: Did Kylie Jenner Bite Off Tizita Balemlay’s Design?

  1. Zerkeise on said:

    Someone may want to do a bit more research….I don’t know the designer, but it looks a lot like Aaliyah’s style.

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