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Several gossip sites are reporting that RHOA star Kenya Moore has gotten married in St. Lucia. Photos shared by blogger Tamaratattles seem to indicated that Moore has indeed tied the knot, but there is no further confirmation available yet.

Kenya Moore is married. I’ve noticed that Kenya has been on a lovely island posting romantic photos with her man for over a week. I have known about the man Kenya has been dating for around 8 months, and that it was becoming increasingly serious. I have known that she wanted to keep things very private and that she would not be sharing the relationship on the show.  I know that he is age appropriate with adult children and that all of the drama playing out on TV was disturbing to her man and the family.

So when she started posting photos from St. Lucia where it was evident that she was there with her man I assumed that she was just there doing what she usually does, going off on a Caribbean vacation before the laborious filming of RHOA starts.

Hmm, do you believe this tea? Or is this just another publicity stunt to drum up interest in the next season of Real Housewives?

Moore herself provided a few clues on her Instagram page:

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