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Ben Carson made another tone-deaf statement Wednesday with saying that poverty is merely a “state of mind” in a new Sirius XM interview, reports The Huffington Post.


From The Huffington Post:

“I think poverty to a large extend is also a state of mind,” Carson, a neurosurgeon, told SiriusXM Radio in an interview released Wednesday. “You take somebody that has the right mindset, you can take everything from them and put them on the street, and I guarantee in a little while they’ll be right back up there.”

Carson added that someone with the “wrong mindset” who has been given “everything in the world” will continue to stay poor.The Housing and Urban Development Secretary also added that the government can help impoverished individuals, but cautioned against what he deemed as programs that keep people in poverty, reports The Washington Post.

Read more on Carson’s previous comment about slaves being immigrants on NewsOne.

SOURCE: The Huffington PostThe Washington Post



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17 thoughts on “For Real? Ben Carson Says ‘Poverty Is A State Of Mind’

  1. Janise Chapman on said:

    I don’t whose more stupid when it comes to speaking…Ben Carson or Donald Trump! Well, at least we’re racially equal in that category.

  2. Sandra Flint on said:

    I started to work at age 12 went to college got married and divorced reared my childern brought a home then Cancer lost everything now I live in subsidized housing never thought the day would come but idiot and it’s not because I’m lazy are uneducated I’m not motivated

  3. Patricia on said:

    And he was a brain surgeon. SMDH. He and trump should be forced to live in public housing off of $300 a month for 6 months, and see what their state of mind is afterwards. Stupid just continues to fall out their mouth. Shut up.

  4. Leesa Malliry on said:

    You can’t make that comment about everyone. What about your elderly parents or grandparents that need that extra help. How does this administration think that cutting and giving these people that have no clue as to how the average person lives helps the less fortunate is a crock of hookey.

  5. IF you read carefully and research some of what he is saying is true. Many of those in poverty stay there as they become complacent and have settled for where they are. Then there are those with ambition, motivation and the strong desire to not be satisfied with the status quo and do something about it. Get training, education, go the military route or whatever and as they, pull on the bootstraps and get out of it. There is a mental state that does breed poverty. His statement who has been given “everything in the world” will continue to stay poor.” Welfare is such that those with children and no baby daddy support cannot get anything but low paying jobs as they have numerous kids, dropped out of school and such that low paying jobs will not pay for day care, transporation so welfare is the key. But these are mental choices they make, to have these children, to drop out of school. This is not the case for all, but for many, and probably not the majority. Environmental, geographical all play a part, as in the Appalachian states where coal mining jobs are gone, manufacturing jobs are gone. But do the research and though you may not agree with his politics, as I don’t either do not be so quick to judge. We as black people react more often that reasearch. There is truth to some of his statements.

    • Passing Through! on said:

      There may be some truth to what Looney Ben is saying but he’s saying these things while aligning himself with a bunch of racist as he’s also a racist and an enemy of black people. He had a tremendous opportunity to make an impact on the black community which he could have better served by not joining Republic-KKKlan party and supporting the failing Donald trump. And that’s what he’ll be remembered for no black person will remember any of his medical accomplishments. Ben was already accomplished and successful I don’t know why he felt the need to jump into politics. I listened to some of the interviews he did when he was running for president and he’s politically f**king dumb, I mean just pure stupid. When you sever as a mouth piece for racist nobody black can hear you.

  6. Arthur Childress on said:

    The irony is…..what Carson is saying has been said before, but of course with far more tact and far less attitude. He has been an abject failure at social/political commentary. He should have stayed in medicine. He is like a fish out of water. Going from celebrated neurosurgeon, to political foot-note, comedy punch line and general buffoon, is not easy….at least for most people.

  7. Passing Through! on said:

    Ben Carson is mentally ill, another mentally black coon traumatized by poverty and racism into believing that white people are superior. Yes “BOSS WE SICK!” Racist media and Fake Fox News love exploiting mentally ill black fools like Ben Carson, Larry Elder, Clarence Thomas, and Stacy Dash. If they can find a new millennium slave that will carry their water and help them destroy, and bash blacks and bash President Obama, and say stupid coon s**t like; “There’s no racism, Poverty is a state of mind; The system is fair and balanced; Police never kill unarmed black men” they will exploit the hell out of them, give them a job at Fox, make them supremist court judge, let them be a cabin coon in the trump administration. Racist reward sick sycophants like looney Ben with butter biscuits in hopes of misleading of black fools like him. Coons are black people who have broken by some aspect of racism, poverty, or trauma etc.; they’ve been beaten and whipped into submission or inferior mind sate, they’ve given up and lost all hope so they go join the Republic-Klan party and become the enemy of black people. It’s like a “If you can’t beat them, join them” attitude. If you listen to boot lickers like looney Ben, he speaks the political and social language of his slave master, he’s been programed with racist conservative talking points and bulls**t propaganda. How in the f**k does a brain surgeon gets reduced to being nothing but a lap dog for the man? SMH.

  8. Well let the church say: Amen: if he feels that’s true then really people just choose to be poor work hared everyday just to continue to be poor. Then is so sad he choose to be STUPID….COMMON SENSE IS NOT SO COMMOM after all….

  9. Epitome on said:

    Would someone please do brain surgery on this idiot?? Truly he has lost his mind!!! Your brilliance is an embarrassment to the brilliant! Go away Ben! You say nothing of intelligence! Politics and public eye is not for you! Lord this is a brain surgeon! Guess u don’t really need one to operate!!! VERY SCARY!! Ok well I gotta go…my states I should be living in poverty!! Isn’t that what we all strive for?? Hey Ben!!! Give up your wealth!!

  10. This just goes to show how out of touch and delusional Uncle Ben really is!!!!!

    So, I guess when a person who is employed but only earning minimum wage, yet
    finds it difficult to pay their bills, feed and provide for their family-and is
    obviously living below the POVERTY LINE- this is all a “State of Mind”?

    Uncle Ben should be made to live in public housing for ninety days, on a stipend of
    $300.00. Let’s see how he feels about POVERTY then!!!!!!!!!!!

    This asshole is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!

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