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Michelle Obama Delivers Final Speech At The White House

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Michelle Obama was a vision as she strolled through the streets of Italy.

The former FLOTUS continued supplying vacation style goals for the summer this week!

Michelle was spotted looking flawless and carefree in her pink, one-shoulder Teija top. She accessorized the look with distressed white jeans, sandals, and hoop earrings. She amped up the glam with some stylish shades and a curly ‘do.

Later, she switched up her look to hit us all with her amazing shoulders! She donned an elegant, fluttery white top that showed a little more skin for date night with her hubby, former president Barack Obama. She paired the blouse with some breezy olive-green trousers. She working the look, and the look was clearly working for Barack.

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21 thoughts on “La Bella Vita: Michelle Obama Looks Flawless In Italy

  1. Isabella on said:

    Hoodtechie, you’re the creep!! How dare you speak disrespectfully of our BELOVED President and Mrs. Obama! That fool in office now wishes he had the class of President Obama! The orange fool’s wife can’t hold a candle to Mrs. Obama!

    • SamIAm on said:

      Heeyyy Isabella. It takes class to know class. People can only give you what they have. If they are empty vessels, they leave empty thoughts. No point in becoming enraged over the comments of someone who clearly doesn’t know good things! We all know that the Obamas’ ALWAYS make sensible, reasonable, compassionate, loving people smile. Don’t worry about the rest. #MoreObamaPicturesPlease

  2. hoodtechie on said:

    i see horse mouth and dumbo ears can’t seem to stay out of the lime light.bottom line who cares where these 2 losers are,they’ve done enough damage to our country for the last eight years.please go back to chicago with the rest of those corrupt politicians and stay that we have someone more presidential in the white house lets move forward.and by the way melania looks much better than horse mouth in any outfit she wears.

    • Diane on said:

      Wtf are u talking about?? We have the worse, most corrupt, incompetent, FAKE PREZ EVER occupying the WH, and his wife can’t stand him. Just like Ppl on this website can’t stand your iqnorant comments either. So stfu, fool because u found stupid.

      • Diane on said:

        U sound stupid. Mrs. Obama is Melania’s role model. Listen to her plagerized speech from the republithugs convention.

    • dontworryaboutwhoiam on said:

      Hey hoodtechie when I see your ugly ass mama I’m going to get a big black man to stick his big black d*&k in her asshole and then in her mouth. You wanna talk about Our Black President and his BEAUTIFUL WIFE? you goat!!!!!! Put some respect on our Mr. & Mrs. Obama’s name.. you ass wipe. Nobody cares about your butt ugly ass…

    • Sharon on said:

      Here we go again…another racist jealous hillbilly who is still mad over the fact that an intelligent highly educated very well spoken black man took over the white house. When that stupid ignorant racist ass fucks this country up and all u hillbillies will die ffrom no health insurance tell us how u feel then. That tramp he married the stripper ho can no way be compared to our QUEEN MICHELLE O

    • All i can say is white trash or black trash. President Obama was one of the best presidents ever with a beautiful classy intelligent wife who can speak so eloquently. Unlike the pimp and his sripper ho who plan to fuck this country up. Hillbillies like yourself will probably have to screw your own kids since the pimp wants to destroy family planning.keep it in the family!

    • Trailer trash are known to have sex with their family members. They produce retards such as yourself.Thats why they have such low IQs. You would have to have an exceedingly (know what this means?) IQ To make false claims like the ones you have made. Stop having sex with your mother or father brother or sister so you can stop producing ignorant racist dumb stupid ugly smelly uneducated shits like yourself. MICHELLE OBAMA MAKES STRIPPER TRUMP LOOK LIKE THE TRAILER TRASH SHE IS.

  3. Mrs. O looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!
    Too bad Melania Chump can’t say the same!!!!!!!

    Barack looks so peaceful and cool after those gruesome eight years in the WH!!!!!
    I wish them all the best in their future.

  4. Diane on said:

    Michele Obama isn’t a hefty woman. I use to see her at her rally’s. She’s smaller than u think. She is almost 6 ft tall. She would look funny if she didn’t have some meat on her bones. Everybody can’t be a size 6.

  5. The former FLOTUS has always done the American people proud while she was in the White House. Her own unique style was always on spot. So if she wants to dress down now and where bared shouldered tops and pants that show some flaws in her body type – who’s business is it? She should do what she’s doing and that’s being Michelle Obama. The Prez always looks dapper and now he looks more relaxed and full of energy. Love Them!

  6. She looks relaxed and comfortable and I don’t blame her one bit for dressing down while out chillin’ with her hubby. Hell, I wouldn’t blame her if she strolled around in a mumu. However, I also don’t see a reason to go gaga over her outfits if I don’t like them, just because she’s Michelle Obama. The off the shoulder tops look hella uncomfortable, especially the white one. Mrs. Obama is a hefty woman and these outfits accentuate that. She looks huge from the waist down and that pink top makes her look pregnant. On the other hand, that mag cover looks simply beautiful. I don’t even read that magazine, but I bought it when it came out, just to put in my magazine rack at home because she just looks awe inspiring. I think she’s a good looking woman, but the outfits suck a big one. However, it doesn’t matter what I think. Just my humble opinion.

  7. specialt757 on said:

    Dang Mr. Obama looks great also, nothing like that fat clown we got now. He probably doesn’t even exercise for 5 minutes a day. He is disgusting looking, probably not the worse we’ve ever had, but SOoooo far from the best. Looking at the orange fool just irritates me to no end. YUK!

    You go Lady Obama, you rock!

    • Diane on said:

      And the orange clown in Chiefs wife can’t stand him, either. Haha. I can’t stand to look at him or hear his voice.

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