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Erykah Badu is probably one of the best celebrities to follow on social media.

The Dallas native is constantly posting photos and videos of her two daughters and giving intimate access to her home life. Most recently she posted a sweet video featuring Puma and Mars with their older brother Seven.

:::cue the awws:::


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One thought on “Erykah Badu Posts Sweet Video With Her Three Kids

  1. foots on said:

    There are People who slowly go into a Nervous Breakdown, in front of others. If you don’t know the signs then you don’t see it coming. I believe she is on the Edge. Her oldest Son was not interested in having His Picture taken for the Internet to see. She should respect that, instead She forces it on Him, that’s why is Hand is up, trying to block this Picture. If She doesn’t understand His imposed upon face it’s because She’s Mother and She is ignoring His need for Privacy.~~~**foots**~~~

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