Moses Malone Jr. filed a lawsuit against James Harden, accusing the Houston Rockets star of choreographing a scheme to assault and rob him, the New York Daily News reports.

The newspaper said it obtained the court filing, which seeks more than $1 million in damages. Malone, the son of a basketball legend, alleges that Harden paid thugs $20,000 in cash to attack him outside a Houston strip club on June 25, 2016.

Four men were arrested and charged for beating Malone and taking jewelry from him worth about $15,000.

Malone claims Harden acted in retaliation for his social media post that criticized the athlete for overcharging children to attend his youth basketball camp.

KTRK-TV reported in November that Harden was subpoenaed to answer questions about the incident. However, Harden was not arrested.

SOURCE:  New York Daily News, KTRK-TV


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