Before Phaedra Parks was cast on The Real Housewives of Atlanta she was counsel to Bobby Brown when he was filming the reality show, “Being Bobby Brown.”

As many of you know, Brown’s career has been wrought with all sorts of messy legal drama, and a lot of it was caught on tape. During a difficult time when he faced incarceration, the former RHOA star served as his attorney.

Parks has often been criticized for not winning cases and because of her “mediocre” law skills. Brown reflects on Parks in his book, “Every Little Step,” noting that she seemed to be more concern with the attention she was receiving as his lawyer instead of defending him.

“My lawyer at the time was a black woman named Phaedra Parks, who went on to become a reality television star on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her later television stardom didn’t surprise me because she always seemed like she was craving attention and publicity.

Every time I stepped into the courtroom when she was my lawyer, there would always be a host of television cameras. It was as if she had her own traveling media contingent. I even complained to her about it, telling her I didn’t like having the press there every time I approached the courthouse. But it didn’t seem to deter her.”

Phaedra has often spoken highly about Bobby and Whitney Houston. In an interview with OK! magazine, Parks credits them for her notoriety, as folks once referred to her as the “Bobby and Whitney lawyer.”

“I always loved Whitney, I’ll always credit her and Bobby for a very important part of my career and for my notoriety. Because a lot of the time when people hear Phaedra Parks, the first thing they say is Bobby and Whitney, that’s the Bobby and Whitney attorney,” Parks shared.

Meanwhile, Brown also said of Parks in his book: “I won’t cast aspersions on her lawyering skills, but I will say that when she was my lawyer, I usually wound up going to jail. I haven’t had much luck with my legal representation over the years.”

Watch the montage video below of Phaedra representing Bobby:

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27 thoughts on “Bobby Brown Says Phaedra Parks Kept Him In Jail

  1. Young on said:

    When you have money white or black you hire lawyers to keep you out of jail, also with guidance and therapy I can see she failed then because a leopard never changes its spots!!! We know many ppl who have money and got off worse!!! She ain’t shit and her character shows!

    • Young on said:

      Ppl like Aaron Hernandez who got away with 3 diff murders and was still out! Do drunk driving don’t mean sgit! She is garbage and very vindictive and even with her husband she was involved in unsavory issues and her husband and others took the blame! GTFOH

  2. I wish everyone would leave Phaedra alone. Acting like we don’t make mistakes that’s why repentance is there.She not the first and won’t be the last.This world is so judgmental praying for you and your family Bobby you put your self in jail stop blaming someone else for your mistakes

  3. Robert Gillum on said:

    You blacks are missing the point she isn’t good attorney. Whites get off everyday because they a
    Have a good competent attorney. You all always miss the point. You all not sure that your not kin to Donald Trump. Stay with the topic. Not his drug use her as an attorney get it.

  4. WDCLady on said:

    Dude always pointing the finger and blaming someone else for his stupidity!….just SIT DOWN and SHUT UP!!!!

  5. KatLlo on said:

    Bobby please take ownership for your own demons, no need to try and make yourself relevant at someone else’s misfortune, smh~

  6. Wilie on said:

    MAN-UP BOBBY BROWN: Whitney & his daughter’s death is directly connected to & is traced back to his abuse of DRUGS. He should point-the-finger at himself for his misfortunes………..

    • Go buy a brain from someplace man. That woman was on drugs long before she met Bobby Brown. Stop blaming him and blame her, she’s older than he is.

      • Wilie on said:

        @TheDuke: A MAN DOES NOT BLAME A WOMAN for his misfortunes. Duke, in all respect, it’s just not right to blame someone else for your own mis-steps.

      • Willie on said:

        @Reno2AC: Nay! Nay! Nay! that’s the problem of US; it’s not the woman’s fault, it’s OUR [Black Men] are to man-up & take the blame for the family’s failures as a quarterback takes the blame for loosing a game. As Men! WE are lost to blame our women for the family and/or community failures. A REAL MAN will not blame a woman for the family misfortunes. I am 70 yrs., Old-School,,,,,

      • RENO2AC on said:

        Willie, I will respectfully beg to differ. I was raised by old folks–my maternal grandmother and my father. If my father was alive, he would be old enough to be YOUR father, so I was raised OLD SCHOOL! Men took care of their families. However, in this case, there is equal blame. Your logic, I’m sorry, is non-logical. Their daughter saw them both strung out and doing all kinds of craziness. BOTH of them. Their daughter was with her mother when she died. We have all seen the video of Whitney’s last night on earth, and it was obvious that she was high as hell. I also have no doubt that Whitney got drunk and high with her daughter. I’m all for “MAN UP” because my father was A MAN! But, the fault lies with the mother AND her father. PERIOD.

      • Willie on said:

        @Reno2AC: Brother, in due all respect, any man that would blame a woman for his own misfortune is NOT a MAN in the true nature of MANHOOD. The very Historical & Biblical fact that GOD ALWAYS CHOOSES A MAN TO BE THE REPRESENTATIVE OF GOD should give you INSIGHT on this life & death subject, which serves as a Nexus to this vital subject. Bobby’s obligation to himself & Whitney was NO CAN DO, in words to say, the man sets the tone in a family is the Divine Responsibility GOD has placed on Man. GOD addressed Adam, GOD did not address Eve……GOD held Adam responsible for the family, GOD did not hold Eve responsible serves as Divine Guidance for humanity.

      • Until your woman robs a bank, shoots at a cop, or rape a baby and to blame it on you, you may want to keep that nonsense to yourself. The wrong woman may hear you say it.
        Bible Thumpers. Can’t live with ’em, can’t kill ’em.

      • Willie on said:

        @kates1221, I will not disrespect you as you have disrespected me; it’s beneath me as a human being.

    • Chastity on said:

      Please do not blame Bobby for Whitney’s drug use. There is no man or woman that could convince me to use drugs. Even if he did introduce her to drugs, which I do not believe, she made the decision to try them. She could have said no, if that was the case. She was a grown woman, older than he. Because he was known as a “bad boy” and she had the “good girl” image, people want blame him. Well, we do not know what she did behind closed doors before she met Bobby.

      • Willie on said:

        @Chasitity: The theme to what I am trying to express is that a MAN; a MAN-UP-MAN would give his woman an alternative for the betterment of his family or I’m gone Whitney, because as a MAN, I will not contribute to the destruction of our family….there is a song by Haul & Oaks, “No Can Do” was the sole or main responsibly of Bobby. It’s immaterial that she was older than him because WISDOM is not determined by age.

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