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WASHINGTON (AP) — Delivering at last, triumphant House Republicans voted Thursday to repeal and replace the “Obamacare” health plan they have reviled for so long, overcoming united Democratic opposition and their own deep divisions to hand a major win to President Donald Trump.

The 217-213 vote was a narrow victory, and ultimate success is far from assured since the measure must still make its way through a highly skeptical Senate. But after seven years of campaign promises and dozens of show votes, Republicans finally succeeded in passing a health care bill that has a chance of becoming law.

They weren’t waiting for final passage to celebrate.

“What a great group of people!” Trump exclaimed at the White House, arms raised to salute the dozens of lawmakers who hurried to join him in the Rose Garden immediately after the vote. Set aside for the moment were the feuds and philosophical divides that nearly sank the bill time and again.

And at the same time, the Republicans had begun to show that perhaps they can come together and govern the country now that they control Washington in full.

“Make no mistake, this is a repeal and a replace of Obamacare, make no mistake about it,” Trump declared. “Premiums will be coming down, deductibles will be coming down, but very importantly it’s a great plan.”

Democrats countered that the GOP bill would have the opposite effect from what Trump predicted, pointing to estimates it will kick millions off the insurance roles while imperiling coverage for people with pre-existing conditions who had gained protections under Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

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10 thoughts on “Obamacare Repeal – How Will It Impact People With Pre-Existing Conditions?

  1. Arthur Childress on said:

    They’re celebrating and yet…. over a third of the House has not even read the bill! They don’t even know what’s in it. And those yahoo’s dancing on top of their pick-up trucks will be changing their tune once they find someone who can read to read the bill to them!

  2. hotlanta on said:

    How are they celebrating something that is not even a law yet. Dump taking another fake victory lap like the fake Carrier deal as if he saved sooooo many jobs.

  3. Really on said:

    Big win for him and the mitches , big lose for all the poor elderly sick people that have existing conditions. They don’t care is all about the trumpsterds winning. Not one positive thing about it for average people trying to get healthcare .

    • Really on said:

      I work everyday I have insurance through my employer doesn’t mean I don’t care about anyone else. Ignorance is bliss I guess

  4. jhuff on said:

    The Democrats are like the three monkeys hear, see, speak no evil Obama care was on life support and they were still in denial, in some states insurance careers had completely pulled out of ACA leaving NO one covered in one state all but one county was without coverage, even without Republican interference 25 million people are without healthcare Obama siad “if like like your HC you can keep it” BIG LIE, Obama said “this would lower HC cost ” BIGGER LIE yeah that ship was sinking and the Dems want to rearrange the deck chairs and hang drapes

  5. Diane on said:

    And……the senate still has to pass a bill. These same iqnorant white fools constituents are the ones who will lose healthcare and or pay more for healthcare. F this country. I’m glad I’m not depending on this s..t but I have family members who rely on it. Ins rates will increase for the elderly and poor. Their rates will rise 750%.

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