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Tamar Braxton tapped into her own family issues for her new single “My Man.”

If you saw Lifetime’s Toni Braxton biopic, Unbreak My Heart, you will remember the scene were Evelyn Braxton found out her husband was cheating. We all saw Evelyn‘s rage about the affair, but Tamar has put her thoughts and emotions to music with “My Man” from her upcoming album.

The track reflects on a woman’s reflection about unwittingly opening her marriage up to infidelity after keeping one treacherous, traitorous friend a little too close. Tamar debuted it for her mom and her sisters during the latest episode of Braxton Family Values, concerned about the impact it might have on Evelyn.

“I know it’s gonna hit her in the core because it’s really about her and my dad,” Tamar explained before playing the song for them. “I wrote it about mom and her experience with daddy and how I felt that she felt.”

On the song, Tamar sings, “Never trust a girl with the one you love, she eat dinner at my table, even watched my kids—and she took my man.”

Listen to rest of “My Man” below.

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2 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Uses Father’s Affair As Inspiration For New Song

  1. hotlanta on said:

    The song is horrible. She is trying to be sultry like Toni. She oughta know about being a side chick when she met Vince he was living with someone.

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