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Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Kentucky has lost one of their most beloved students.

WSAZ 3 News reports that 15-year-old Star Ifeacho died after collapsing during an open gym session at his school. The sophomore student reportedly had been working on drills and playing two-on-two with teammates when the shocking incident occurred. He was pronounced dead at University of Kentucky Hospital on Wednesday.

Lisa Deffendall, a Fayette County Schools spokeswoman, says that players were practicing in front of coaches and an athletic trainer at the time. Superintendent Manny Caulk told reporters, “Star had stopped shooting baskets and was with the athletic trainer when he collapsed in the locker room. The athletic trainer immediately provided emergency care, including CPR and the use of the AED (automated external defibrillator), while 911 was called. When paramedics arrived, they took over his care and transported him to the hospital.”

The cause of Star Ifeacho’s death is unknown, and an autopsy will be carried out on Thursday. Our thoughts and prayer’s are with his family.

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9 thoughts on “15-Year-Old Kentucky High School Basketball Player Dies After A Workout

  1. Dr. Larry on said:

    Terrible loss. 15 and no history of medical ailment? I think we’ll find drugs were in his system. We must reeducate our youth to understand that sports and entertainment are not viable routes to success as an adult. Have you ever heard of a teenager dying from strenuous all night study session?

  2. oh my gosh, I feel terrible for this family. Their baby died so unexpectedly, a parents worse night mare I’m sure. My thoughts and prayers are with them. God bless this family.

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