Take a moment to go back to the year 2000, when life was simpler and the world was given one of the best Disney Channel movies of all-time, Life-Size starring Tyra Banks. Seventeen years have passed, but the love for the film has remained the same. There have been talks of a sequel for years, but now it has officially been confirmed by Tyra herself.

In case you need a refresher, Life-Size is about a young girl (an innocent Lindsey Lohan) whose Eve doll (Banks) is magically transformed into a real woman, causing many hijinks as she navigates the real world and experiences real emotions.

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Tonight while at the Freeform Upfront Presentation, Banks revealed the news that not only is Life-Size 2 confirmed, but a release date has also been set for December 2018 on Disney Channel’s sister network Freeform.

[Banks speaking about Life-Size 2]:

“Five years, four scripts, and finally we realized, Eve needs to grow up,” Banks, 43, tells ET exclusively. “She’s been around for a while. She’s been alive for a while. She needs to grow up and experience more adult things. So, you’re going to see a very different Eve on Freeform.”

[On possible Lindsay Lohan cameo]:

“I love Lindsay,” Banks says. “I have not [reached out to offer a cameo], but I think it would be interesting. I have to talk to my producing partners. I think it would be interesting, right? That was my girl back in the day! I would love Zendaya [too],” she shares. “I think Zendaya would be really interesting.”

Banks is pretty busy these days with her new hosting gig on America’s Got Talent, returning as host of her hit show America’s Next Top Model, teaching classes at Stanford and being a mom to her one-year-old son York.

Her packed schedule is why Life-Size 2 was pushed to December 2018, she said. “Can you believe we were thinking about doing it at the end of this year?!” she said about the original release date goal. “I was gonna fit it in between Top Model and AGT and teaching at Stanford and seeing my baby. So, we were like … Christmas 2018 will make it a better Life-Size.”



Tyra Banks Confirms ‘Life-Size 2’ Is On The Way was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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