Rev. Al Sharpton Explains The Need For Unity


4/12/17- Rev. Al Sharpton talks to the Tom Joyner Morning about what to expect from the National Action Network Convention and the need for unity. Listen below.

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2 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton Explains The Need For Unity

  1. Good Luck with that idea rev. Al.

    First, African American’s need to have love for each other.
    Not rob/shoot/kill each other for insignificant material things!!!!!!

    Second, parents need to step up and RAISE their children.
    Not just give birth to them and expect society to do their job.

    In addition, parents must stress the importance of EDUCATION.
    Knowledge is POWER-which is why the public school system in Amerykah
    is a joke.

    Third, we need to distance ourselves from white folks.
    Stop being concerned with being accepted by them-eff them!
    We need to get ourselves together first and foremost!!!!!!!!

    • Diane on said:

      Great points. I concur. The blk family structure need to step up. These teeange pregnancys need to stop. Baby’s having baby’s, That’s a large part of the problem in the inner city. If you knw better, you should do better. Wake up ppl.

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