Misty Copeland Shares Fitness & Recipe Secrets In ‘Ballerina Body’


Misty Copeland, the first African-American principal dancer with American Ballet Theater has a new book where she shares excerpts from her journal and includes real-life recipes. She talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about Ballerina Body: Dancing and Eating Your Way To A Leaner, Stronger And More Graceful You.

What does a Ballerina’s body look like?

“That definition is different from maybe the world view as a ballerina’s body. Over the course of my 15 year career, I had to define what it was. Being a black woman, who’s natural muscular with a bust…a common myth is that we don’t eat. I wanted to give people a better look at behind the scenes and to get rid of all that negative stereotypes for dancers. They would know that we have to fuel our bodies. I compare us to athletes,” she said.

Click the link below to hear the entire interview.


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(Photo Source: Courtesy of Gregg Delman)

3 thoughts on “Misty Copeland Shares Fitness & Recipe Secrets In ‘Ballerina Body’

  1. Just like to say thanks for this great website I found it very helpful, in finding the information I was looking for, and I would definitely recommend it to others, a big thank you to the author.

  2. I love this woman. Beauty, grace and strength. This is why photos of big, fake asses, boobs and lips are so repulsive to me. The work that I know it took for Ms. Copeland to achieve this level of success and physical grace is what makes me have such great respect for her. Outstanding!

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