White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer decided to change his tone at Wednesday’s press briefing after chiding veteran journalist April Ryan during a tense exchange regarding the Trump-Russia investigation.

Spicer opened the press conference by throwing to Ryan for the first question of the day.

“April,” Spicer said.

“Why thank you Sean!” she said while the press corps laughed in the background.

“How are you today?” he responded

“I’m fine, how are you?” she said.

“Fantastic,” Spicer responded.

Spicer got dragged to hell on social media Tuesday after scolding Ryan for shaking her head at him because he repeatedly cut her off.

In the midst of everything going on, where the White patriarchy seems hell-bent on picking apart prominent Black women, (see Bill O’Reilly and the #BlackWomenAtWork hashtag) we just have one piece of advice for Spicer: don’t do it again.

SOURCE: The Hill

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6 thoughts on “Spicer Plays Nice With April Ryan At Wednesday’s White House Press Briefing

  1. Chris on said:

    April Ryan complained that spectators are now permitted in the room. For the last eight years, the Obama packed the room with spectators, they were the MSM.

  2. Besides some token affirmative action little black woman who the hell is Mini-me Ryan? I see plenty of well known prominent reporters that work for REAL news outlets in that room

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