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Real Housewives of Atlanta exes Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas got into a physical altercation at a North Carolina radio station today as part of the ongoing drama over Jordan’s attempt to get extra payments out of his ex Kenya Moore’s pocket.

This all started with Matt saying Peter and fellow cast member Todd Tucker got in his ear about how their ladies break them off a percentage of their RHOA checks, including a piece of the reunion show coin.

But Kenya and Matt broke up before the reunion was filmed in Atlanta last Thursday, and according to reports, she has refused to pay him any of her earnings. Matt feels he deserves some extra cash for putting up with Moore’s shenanigans throughout the season.

Earlier this week, he went on an IG rant against Kenya that simultaneously exposed Peter and Todd as the two who coached him on how to get 10 percent of Kenya’s “RHOA” check.

Peter responded directly to Matt on Instagram with a video message asking why he and Todd were dragged into the situation and calling his actions “soft.” Peter captioned the clip, “Please tell the truth.”

Watch below:


Matt reportedly saw this video and clapped back at both Peter and Todd.

WARNING: Graphic language

Today, Matt followed through on his threat of violence when he reportedly came across Peter at a North Carolina radio station. According to several Atlanta blogs, Matt choked out Peter and knocked him to the ground before cops were called. Assault charges will reportedly be filed against Matt.

Meanwhile, Atlanta blogger Freddy O spoke exclusively to Peter about the fight. He said: “I wasn’t trying to fight at the radio station, which is so unprofessional, but I will be pressing charges.”

Sources tell Freddy O that Matt refused to sign the waiver from the radio station to allow video footage of the fight to be released.

PHOTO: Twitter

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21 thoughts on “Matt Jordan And Peter Thomas Of ‘RHOA’ Fight At N.C. Radio Station

  1. Frankurt Ariana on said:

    It was unfortunate that his ex gf decided to contact him to get him back the moment we planned to build a family together. I was hurt for seeing him confused and indecisive after I sacrificed time, energy, heart, life, money, soul for him only for him to pay me with heart break by saying that he is now unsure of our relationship. He developed an attitude of becoming cold and distant towards me. I know he loves me very much for the past 4 years and I love him more before his ex tries to steal his heart.I was advised by a good friend of mine to fight back both physical and spiritual if I truly love him. Her advised encouraged and lead me to posts and site that talks about love spell from Dr. Amigo it was my first attempt but I took the opportunity that came once which Dr. Amigo provided via his email. It was said and done by Dr. Amigo, I never knew his ex used evil powers on him. I fought a good fight which I and my lover are very proud of after his freedom and decision to continue with me until we get married, his ex has vanished from his life. I never doubted Dr. Amigo for once, he proved his worth. Thanks for your time “Google his name as Dr Amigo the online spell caster” for a review of his articles.

  2. Christina kennedy on said:

    I would also like to add stop saying he has mental issues unless you are a qualified psychiatrist. He may be highly strung or over emotional but look at the outbursts that have gone on over the years on these reality shows. All of then have behaved inappropriately at some point, mainly the women!

    • Majorette on said:

      I am qualified for the bahavior he exist does constitute a clinical assessment be done. Mental health issues could be depression, anxiety, over eating, having a gender identity problem, etc. There r other professionals other than a psychiatrist.

  3. Chastity on said:

    I am hearing two different versions of this story. I heard Peter got the best of Matt, which would make since considering Matt does not want the video released. This boy is very immature to begin with. Although I do believe Kenya asked him to act crazy so that she could have a story line, he should not have done it. Some things are not worth ruining your reputation for. I am so sick of Kenya and would be more than happy if they got rid of her. She is evil and fake. I am not a fan of Peter’s either. I also believe he and Cynthia are faking about the situation to have some drama going on. Everyone knows they have been the moat boring couple for the last few seasons and almost lost their jobs over it. They are trying to pull a NeNe and Greg by so-call breaking up and getting back together in hopes of getting a spin-off show of them getting married again. On another note, I think Sheree and Bob are faking too. I am getting so sick of it all.

  4. VD Byrd on said:

    Matt has mental problems. He should be in an institution instead of being on a reality show. He’s a total idiot, he should have gotten a contract instead of trying to get money from someone else. Kendra owes him nothing…he’s not her husband, or even a stable boyfriend. Kendra is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but at least she’s smart enough to tell this idiot where to go.

  5. Although I would most likely not stoop so low, I can certainly understand brother Matt’s concerns. I have lived in Atlanta for ten years now and there is a serious culture of ejaculating black men here. Especially strong black men who are not afraid to stand and defend himself. But, you cannot go around putting your hands on folks, choking people. Because a brother like me, I don’t play that on either side. You put your hands on me, man or woman, and it will not turn out good for either.

    • specialt757 on said:

      I forgot my real comment. Matt should have gotten a signed contract with Bravo and I don’t know why he felt it was Peter & Kandi’s boy (cuz he is right about that) fault. It’s completely his fault for going to that radio station and acting like a nutcase.

  6. Matt seems to have some mental health issues which he needs to address.

    I hope that Peter beat the hell out of him and that Kenya does not give Matt a dime!!!!!

    • Majorette on said:

      Matt needs to be paid for Kenya used him this entire season. She used him for her storyline and I feel she deliberately asked him to act crazy. Remember the situation at Peter’s opening in Charlotte; when she asked him to come and then started trouble for show. Kenya needs to at this man. Actually, he should have gotten everything in writing. Peter and Todd where just telling him the procedures for getting aid for he did not have a contract with Bravo. Without Matt, Kenya did not have a storyline. She is the one in the wrong.

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