Luenell is baring it all for Penthouse Magazine.

Check out the photos below.



What do you think about the images? Here is what Tom Joyner and Arsenio Hall think:


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42 thoughts on “Luenell Poses Nude For ‘Penthouse’ Magazine

  1. Sistah, I applaud your pride and confidence. I only wish that I could say the same thing about your morality and the message you exude with this experience and your comments about it. Proud and confident Black, over 50, thick women are ‘representing’ every single day without baring skin. It seems that they were raised with a different sense of what is classy as they ‘represent’ well without the, “See, I’m sexy too.” Please stop; some men really don’t care and it shouldn’t be about them, but younger generations are watching and emulating and teaching those who follow them; don’t soil our seeds with a false sense of pride that is truly the opposite of confidence.

  2. Deonde Crawford on said:

    First off what she does with HER body is her choice comments like this is why so many people are insecur. Keep on doing the best you you can do Luenell! She is an inspiration to anyone who does not fit the media standard of what is considered beautiful. Fact of the matter is there are alot of people who like thick women just like there are females who like big men. So take ur negativity and shove it were the sun dont shine and sit and spin!!

  3. Kevin Rouse on said:

    Luenell you have once again raised the bar on this whole shit. sexy as hell too. You are treading new ground and im so proud of you, i wish Eugenia was around to see all the doors youve kicked down since she left this earth. keep on kickin cause your the baddest bad girl of em all.

  4. Star Saulter on said:

    This is a history making moment! I AM very proud of you Luenell, being the “FIRST” voluptuous African America Woman! People are prayers are answered when you cause them to laugh! Please! Please! Please! DO NOT allow the few of those folks be louder, than the hearts of ALL OF US that really LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU!

  5. specialt757 on said:

    When did posing nude and having confidence become one in the same?
    Does a photo shoot/spread for ebony or essence or black hair, etc…fully clothed mean you don’t have confidence?

  6. What real man would like something like this? Me! Bout as real as they come..who wouldn’t? Shallow minded man-childs, that’s who..Luenell you go girl! Represent!

  7. Keisha Johnson on said:

    You look great Luenell, tasteful and beautiful. You just go girl!!! You’re cute mama, but your confidence is even more beautiful.

  8. How in the heck is this inspiration. I wish I would see my mother or my grandmother posing nude for a magazine. Black people have lowered their standards so much through the years. Go eat a celery stick.

  9. BizzyBeeBevill on said:

    Why do certain women of a certain age and size like to pose nude? Back in the day it was only pretty, young and petite women. But to each woman her own.

    • Jacjac on said:

      ..and white. You forgot “white”. To answer your question, the purpose is to prove that beauty and sexiness is not owned by that particular group of women.

    • right! i look through the photos albums of those sepia and b&w pictures of my family. Women in beautiful dresses, perfectly coiffed hair, man in suits with their hats slightly askew, perfect posture. the epitome of class and elegance. all in a time where we couldn’t even be in certain places after a certain time or piss in the same toilet. Now look at (some) of us. It’s disgusting and a shame.

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