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We wouldn’t say televangelist Creflo Dollar has gone Hollywood, but he and his Atlanta-based World Changers International church have produced a documentary film called Uncharted.

The purpose behind the film is show how donations to his church help reach people around the world.

“I think this movie, Uncharted is going to be great because now they will get a chance to see after they put that donation into the offering bucket, or after they send that donation into the church, what happens from that point on,” Bashun Lavendar of Creflo Dollar Global Missions says in a video segment. “This is going to complete the picture, it’s going to make everything full circle, and I think it will make them want to participate more.”

The website for Uncharted says that Creflo Dollar Global Missions seeks to “go where no one else will go and do what no one else will do,” explaining that that’s the “mandate from God” the ministry has been tasked with.

“For our Pastors, Creflo and Taffi Dollar, global outreach has always been a high priority. Creflo Dollar Global Missions was established to grow the impact we have around the world. Our mission is to “Go where no one else will go and do what no one else will do. That’s the mandate from God that our ministry has.

“Our Global Missions team is assisting with practical needs and ministering the Gospel of Grace with simplicity and understanding, to the Fatherless, The Widow and The Stranger. In doing so, they will be able to understand grace and be empowered to change. In this stunning never seen before documentary, you will see firsthand what our missions team does both locally and internationally.”

The ministry team says that it assists with people’s “practical needs,” offering simplicity and understanding “to the Fatherless, the Widow and the Stranger.”

Meanwhile, as the Christian Post points out, Dollar, who has been criticized by some evangelicals for his prosperity gospel preaching, was among six televangelists in 2007 who was probed by the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance over alleged opulent spending and possible abuse of nonprofit status.

Dollar contested the probe, arguing that the proper governmental entity to examine religious groups is the IRS, not the Committee on Finance. The inquiry concluded in 2011 with Dollar’s and three other televangelists’ ministries refusing to cooperate fully.

Dollar defended his lavish lifestyle to CNN at the time, saying that he has separate income that is provided by businesses he owns and from investments and real estate. “… Just because it is excessive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s wrong,” he said.

And of course we all remember what happened in 2015 when Dollar asked for 200,000 people to donate $300 or more each to raise $65 million to help his World Changers ministry buy a luxury jet. To put it bluntly, the request didn’t go over too well.

You can get MORE info on this story at Christian Post.

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6 thoughts on “Creflo Dollar Releases Doc To Show How He Gives Away Money

  1. CB Jones on said:

    It is not important for man to make God Cool, God is not interested in Cool People, God is interested in saved people who are sharing their love and grace with other, being Cool does
    not make you Godly, if you are not practicing what you preach. God words never change
    whether you are Cool or not. So instead of showing the people who make religion Cool again
    let’s make sure they are Godly and living by the standard of God, that what really Cool.

  2. this man is always trying to stay in the Media, he has been arrested, for slapping his daughter around, he wants a 65 million dollar Jet, FOR WHAT! what does he need it for.. these so called low down preachers. Don’t even know half of the people’s name that are giving this man money, these so called minister’s and pastor’s do not go out in the streets. TO help these young black/and show them how they can stop killing each other… they are all full of crapp. the also love their church so they can receive the tax write/off… if they really wanted to teach somebody/anything tell your people that they are not to celebrate on SUNDAY! that they are celebrating Pagan holidays/and rituals that black people should not be doing! PEACE. PRAISE BE TO THE MOST HIGH!.

  3. Creflo Dollar is all about he mighty Dollar I wish these so called christians would stop believing this man, he is one of those fake Phoney pastors, who is not telling Black people the truth about themselves. Now he is giving money away REALLY! Creflo, well I’m so glad I’m not following this manfor T.D jakes, Fred Price. they all are apart of the illuminata so please take heed of the wolf in sheep clothing… Peace

  4. JESUS LIVED & DIED A PAUPER….Jesus said “follow me”. As such, Preachers like Creflo DOLLAR, Pastors, Reverends are not following the “Follow” Example established by Jesus.

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