Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Herb Moses set bond at $5,000 Thursday for Breonna Turk, the young mother accused of beating down an elderly woman in a New York City subway station for criticizing her parenting, the New York Daily News reports.

Prosecutors charged Turk, 24, with felony second-degree assault and wanted bail set at $30,000, according to the newspaper.

Assistant District Attorney Michael Dinet said around 2 p.m. on Monday, Turk pulled her 4-year-old son into an Upper East Side train station elevator while people were trying to exit.

He said a 71-year-old woman on the elevator “told the defendant to teach her child to wait when people were exiting the elevator.”

That scolding infuriated Turk, who allegedly punched the older woman repeatedly and used the senior’s cane to swing at a bystander who intervened.

In Turk’s defense, her attorney Kasia Donohue told the court that the young woman had never been arrested before and surrendered to authorities on Wednesday to face her charges.

SOURCE:  New York Daily News


9 thoughts on “Young Mother Allegedly Assaults Elderly Woman Who Criticized Her Parenting

  1. She should have kept her hands to herself, told Old Mrs. Buttinksy to mind her own damned business and used the bail money and attorney’s fees to fund her child’s education. A total waste of money.

  2. Young folks simply have no respect for their elders these days!
    That 24 yr old’s behavior was totally un-necessary!!!!

    Which is why I mind my own business while riding public transportation and on the streets.
    I don’t care what mothers do with their kids or how their kids behave or mis-behave.
    Incidents can result from intervening into others affairs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    However, there was no need for the young woman to beat the hell out of the older lady.
    Makes you think, how she treats her own mother?

  3. Please white people quit trying to tell black mothers that you don’t know how to raise their children then be surprised when they show you how to stay out of their business.

    • Diane on said:

      You got that right. I wouldn’t have said a word. Apparently she wasn’t beating the kid down. The woman should have minded her own business. We see it all the time, in the grocery store or wherever, Kids have a tendency to show out, I just look at them.

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