Shaun King analyzes Donald Trump’s track women with women and praises the strength of women everywhere. Listen below.

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11 thoughts on “Trump’s Despicable Track Record With Women

  1. Chris on said:

    Hillary enabled her husband, throughout the years, to sexually assault women, not a word from any feminazi groups or SJWs like Talcum X. She stayed with him for the sole purpose of becoming the democrat nominee to run for POTUS.

  2. jhuf-As usual-you know not of which you speak!!!!

    I knew all about HRC’s background, however, chose between the lesser of two evils.
    I could not and still can’t stand Hill-she is a PHONY-but I refused to vote for an asshole like your boy CHUMP!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you and your Klan get what you deserve for voting him in!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Chump objectifies Women and has no RESPECT for us!!!!!!!
    Which is why I don’t understand the white females who cast their vote for him.

    I have never seen such a low class person calling themselves “President of the United States.”
    No class, NO BRAINS/no tact or diplomacy, need I go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Diane on said:

      It sickens me to hear ppl address him as prez. He’s not presidential at all. He’s a lst class idiot. That fake message he gave yesterday, which he didn’t mean, when he said he respects women. It’s was so sickening, it wasn’t even believable.

    • jhuf on said:

      You two Cackling Hens you say nothing about how Hillary “A Woman” who destroyed
      Bill Clintons accusers if you had a clue you would know why so many women didn’t vote for her it’s because they unlike you did their homework (were educated) about the kind of person she really was

      • Diane on said:

        Dum dum, I’m not going to fault Hillary for Bill Clintons transgression. FYI. I’ve never been much of of Bill Clinton fan. With that being said. Hillary was more qualified to be prez than that shit that she voted for. . Enuff said.

      • Diane on said:

        Hillary was more qualified than that shit u voted for. You knw the person with all the Russian ties, the person who’s hiding something in his tax returns. The person who said the lst blk prez wasn’t born here. The person who wouldn’t let blks live in his apts. the guy who said the Central Park five were still quilty after being exonerated. That’s who/ what u voted for. A racsit, mysognist, narrcistic fruad.

      • jhuff on said:

        She was also more qualified than Hopeless and No Change 8 years ago but people like you chose a junior in-experienced senator from IL who’s only claim to fame was being a black token boy for the rest of the world

    • Chris on said:

      “I have never seen such a low class person calling themselves “President of the United States.” Seriously? You never heard of the 42nd POTUS named Bill Clinton? He raped several women , that we know of and stained a young intern’s blue dress. His wife threatened his accusers, blamed “a right wing conspiracy” and stayed with him just for political gain. During the campaign, while she was out pandering and deleting emails, he he had visits from the “energizer.”

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