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While some of us say crime appears to be at an all time high, others say not really, its just being caught on camera. I tend to agree.

Now that practically everyone is carrying a smart phone, its not so easy to do your dirt in private. Take the Pennsylvania daycare worker who was recently fired after a surveillance camera appeared to show her pushing a four-year-old child down the stairs.

According to Good Morning America, a surveillance camera (scroll down) shows a child at the top of the stairs and the female daycare worker behind the child. The worker appears to push the child down the stairs. The child falls down the steps, on the landing below — the first of two. But then, the daycare worker looks up and spots the camera. She then goes down the steps and assists the child in getting up, then helps the child walk down the second set of stairs.

The video is brutal…and “allegedly” aside, this b*tch clearly appears to push the child. But I digress…

According to Good Morning America, on Monday, Delaware County police Superintendent Michael Chitwood identified the worker as Sarah Gable, 52, of Folcroft, Pennsylvania. Gable is charged with simple assault, harassment and endangering the welfare of children, according to court documents.

Chitwood also said on Monday that he plans to request that an additional charge of recklessly endangering another person be added.

A manager at Child Care of the Future Daycare Center in Primos, Shawayne Tavares, had watched the video in real time as it happened on Friday and said the only reason the camera (installed only half an hour earlier) was there in the first place was to keep the kids, who sometimes sneak out and play on the steps, safe; and the center protected.

Not because anything bad had been reported.

Tavares said Gable was hired in June 2015, and she had passed all of the background checks. She told local ABC-owned station WPVI, “I was so upset. It just hurt me. We don’t treat children here like that,”

Gable was confronted after the incident, then police were called. She has since been fired.


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(Photo Source: YouTube screenshot)

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16 thoughts on “Caught On Camera: Daycare Worker Pushes 4-Year-Old Down The Stairs

  1. Batman on said:

    First think i would do is kick het ass…then kick her down the stairs…then sit on her ass…call the cops and show them the video…after i whoop her ass some more….i have. 15 grandchildren…and two greatgeands…and i took care of all of them…my knic name was bat man cause i cartied a bat…if you fucked with my 5 girls….the word around the nwasdonthood wasdont mess with her kids…she crazy…you damn right…i pray for those innocent makes me cry

    • I’m speaking of black and white parents as a whole. Most of our abuse came right out of our own home. Whereas if a son or daughter had been fondled by an aunt or uncle, relatives tend to kee p their mouth shut and don’t say a damn thing. I know that you’re highly educated with Dr. in front of your name, look up y’all in the dictionary.

      • Changed Name on said:

        Ummm…what that got to do with what I said? My comments are directed at the #1 haters of black women on this site. While we’re on the subject of black women, shout out to the one that caught that lady pushing that kid!

    • Didn’t meant to sound harsh but I believe and know for sure that black women are the greatest creation that’s been created by God and I’m quite sure you’re a jewel out of all of them. Smile.

  2. For y’all lazy parents out there who love sending your kids to camp and over night Bible camp, these things like this goes on. Never let your children stay overnight at friends or even relatives home. Because if something do happen such as a child or adult touching your child they’re not going to say a damn thing

  3. specialt757 on said:

    If she hadn’t noticed the camera no telling what would have happened to that kid. Thank God they were there. Being fired should be the least of her worries, next, criminal charges.

  4. Cold blooded!–She deserved to be FIRED!!!!!
    What kind of person does that to an innocent 4yr old child?

    I wouldn’t want her to be my Grannie!!!!!!!

    They need to have more hidden cameras in day care centers to catch the PEDOPHILES!!!!!!

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