Just How Scary Is The New Republican Health Care Bill?


3/8/17- Roland Martin talks to Congressman Danny Davis (IL) and GK Butterfield (NC) about the new Republican healthcare bill that will undoubtedly effect all Americans.

“This is their approach to make sure America isn’t taken care of. We now have no choice but to fight it. Maybe they will realize that it’s not the approach or anything comparable to what we need in America,” Congressman Davis said.

Click the link below to hear the entire interview.

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11 thoughts on “Just How Scary Is The New Republican Health Care Bill?

  1. MSTA on said:

    It is time to go back to what our ancient forefathers once did anyway…natural (herbal)medicine. The medicine the doctor’s give nowadays ends up killing you anyway.

  2. Mia.P on said:

    Deployable will be losing their health coverage and the coal miner’s their family will lose their black lung benifits but you all voted for this fool so just wait when they all start crying.

  3. Diane on said:

    For these brilliant trolls that frequent their ignorant rants on the website. iPhones cost several hundred dollars/ month. Healthcare would cost several thousand dollars more a month. Do the math dum dum. Obamcare gave subisdys to help the poor, and almost poor ppl pay for there healthcare. Then you have the doughnut holes that are smaller for the elderly. More ppl will not have healthcare at all with this shit, and they will pay thousands more for less coverage. As is, their bill will not pass. They just threw that crap together. The Hospital Association And the Medical Associations are speaking out against this mess. Damn republicans

    • Sooo since I don’t have enough money for Healthcare I should just spend what I do have on frivolous luxury items yep most people do wind up poor following the teachings of Diane.
      The mass majority of people in this country are not poor (unless they follow your teachings) those who pay for their own insurance WITH OUT subsidies experienced sky rocketing premiums and increasingly limited Insurance carriers despite what Mr. Hopeless and no Change told us (oh remember that “if you like your healthcare/ doctor you can keep it”) yeah talk about a Lier and chief

      • Diane on said:

        That’s why out of the 22 million who have obamacare, 18 million, ARE WHITE. The same ppl who voted for the fool, will be losing their healthcare under your prez plan. U got that fools?????

    • specialt757 on said:

      Diane don’t waste your time, you know they only come out here because they have no friends of their own to talk to, so they come on here acting like they are the smart ones and everyone else is dumb, but yet can’t spell l i a r.
      Here’s the other thing, they don’t even have ONE good idea how to make it better, only to trash Obama. Ignore those porch monkeys.

  4. The repeal of the Affordable Care Act should frighten everyone!
    The GOP wishes to totally gut this bill and make it more difficult for the average person to obtain health insurance coverage.

    One GOP person even stated-“let them choose between buying a new I-Phone and medical insurance.”–How cold blooded is that???????

    These POS are bound and determined to undo the accomplishments of Barack H Obama by
    drafting their shoddy piece of legislation passing as universal health coverage.

    I hope the trailer trash that voted for Chump suffer along with the rest!!!!!!!!!

    • Diane on said:

      They will suffer. These clowns are hell bent on getting this bull shit passed. Oh well. They’re getting what the voted for, an incompetent POS. If this stuff pass, millions will lose their health care.

    • chris on said:

      Obamacare is on its deathbed. It was doomed from the start. No one read it before they signed it. Obama lied and lied and lied, and you slurped it up.
      This was not an accomplishment it was a complete failure.

    • Choosing between and I-phone and health coverage should be something any mature responsible adult would find a no brainer, for you to consider a luxury item over your health is sheer stupidity on you a grown adult

      And the only people not complaining about Obamacare are the ones getting it at tax payer expense when you have to pay for something you appreciate the cost

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