The past two weeks have been a whirlwind for Gary Alan Coe. Affectionately known as Gary from Chicago, the husband from the Windy City became a viral sensation after being apart of Jimmy Kimmel‘s Hollywood tour bus skit at the 2017 Academy Awards.

He talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about his experiences at the Oscars, why he says Kimmel sold him out and life since then.

How did he end up on the tour bus?

“I was minding my own business and the guy approached me and said it’s free. It was probably one of the most amazing things to happen to me. Especially being in prison for 20 years and being out for 72 hours.”

What are his plans now?

“I’m just trying to get a job. I spent the last two decades of my life in prison for petty theft. They’re making this out to be a plantation in California. I have to get my California ID and social security card. Finding job is mandatory, there’s no way you can’t not get a job.”

Click the link below to hear the entire interview.


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(Photo Source: Jimmy Kimmel YouTube screenshot)

7 thoughts on “Gary From Chicago: ‘Jimmy Kimmel Sold Me Out’

  1. My name is Gary and I’m from Chicago, too! But I never had the opportunity to meet Jimmy Kimmel…..prison terms for non-violent crimes are way, way too long, but we should NOT release violent offenders and child molesters unless they agree to wear GPS monitoring devices or have a GPS chip surgically implanted so we can track them 24/7 and see if they are coming to OUR neighborhood! Probation/parole and the cops can’t protect us, we have to protect ourselves.

  2. Epitome on said:

    Gary, enjoy your 15 minutes of fame!!! PLEASE!! Don’t start pointing gingers at snuone for your admitted past life. It’s ok dude! We all make mistakes in life. Use this opportunity to make your life a lot better. If anything Kimmel did you a favor. You and your lady got all the attention!!! USE IT MAN!!! Do something positive and stop whiiiiiiinnnnnnng!!! Geesh!! Grow up!! Wish I were one the tourist!!! And to be on TV around the world!!! And LAWD TO MEET DENZEL!!! And Pauletta!!! Leave Kimmel alone thank him!!! Hell u r on TJMS!!!

    • Actually, he stole perfume and got a life sentence under the three strikes law. Where you get the sex offender misinformation is slander. And, more harmful to his reputation then Jimmy selling him out.

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