What You Need To Know About The ‘A Day Without A Woman’ Strike


3/7/17- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Janae Ingram, one of the organizers of A Day Without A Woman, to talk about the goal of the movement and how we can all help.

“We have been talking about  how we can create some sort of impact to understand our impact in society. In this instance women, who deal with intersectional issues, who represent a majority of the population, yet are underrepresented in Congress and Fortune 500 companies…we thought a way to show the world, this country specifically, that women play a vital role, We’re not going to work. We’re calling for a general strike for women to not participate,” Ingram said.

Click the link below to hear the entire interview.

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13 thoughts on “What You Need To Know About The ‘A Day Without A Woman’ Strike

  1. Norma on said:

    As a self-employed seamstress I am not able to stay away from work however in solidarity I will be wearing RED and will not ship anywhere!

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Okay I guess I’m lost. I actually just heard about this day this morning while watching TV and nothing presented made me think this was about male bashing, but again not from the program I was watching. I do believe women should have the rights we want, like freedom of choice and without a doubt equal pay for equal work. And right, we do need to keep pressure on our employers to make sure it happens and if staying out from work than I’m for it.
    However, I really don’t see how one day will change that, because this has been attempted before and we just go to work the day prior and the day after.
    I won’t participate in any male bashing events because I don’t hate males and I have a extremely good husband and definitely not lazy, and I don’t think men are bad people. I do think however, the men and some women in congress who make the laws are definitely not looking out for the benefit of women or they have an old school perception of women and that doesn’t work for me.

    • Timekeeper on said:

      Hello there special, yes 100% the event itself is not male bashing, it’s that some try turning it into that ( which I think doesnt help the purpose, in fact may turn some people off. All of these causes are otherwise worthwhile and should draw attention to. So glad you tout your husbands effrots. He must know, as I do that I have a good woman.
      Stay on point!

  3. Diane on said:

    How about a day when more ppl go out and vote and kick the bums out of congress. Vote for ppl who will Pass laws that benefit the working class, and ppl trying to get out of poverty. How about that??

  4. How about A Day Without Meaningless, Useless, Bullshit Names For Special Days That Really Aren’t Special, Just Made Up By People Who Have Not A Damned Thing Else To Do, Except Trying To Stir Up Shit Where None Exist. How about that?

  5. Timekeeper on said:

    All Women WILL NOT Go on STRIKE! Why ? Becuase there are plenty of them who know their husbands ARE NOT LAZY” They know their hubands CAN FIGURE IT OUT ( whatever “IT” is. From a corporate vantage point, this is completely understandable as women do need to continue putting pressure for equality. However, turning this into some male bashing contest is the devil’s workshop and there are plenty of women who see that, know that and for that reaosn will not participate.

  6. In order for a Day Without a Woman to be successful–ALL WOMEN NEED TO GO ON STRIKE!!!!!

    Wives should stop catering to their lazy husbands/cleaning/cooking, etc. for that one day!
    Let the men figure out how to handle the household!!!!!!!!
    If they can’t figure it out-shame on them!!!!!!!

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