3/2/17- Being single moms is hard enough on its own, so what happens when you start dating a man and the conversation of disciplining your kids comes up? Kym Whitley and Sherri Shepherd weigh in. Their answer might surprise you. Listen below.

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2 thoughts on “Black Moms Matter: Can Your Man Discipline Your Kids?

  1. Timekeeper on said:

    They need to change the title of this segment from “Black Moms Matter” to “Black Men Dont Matter” every week Sherri Sheperd and Kym Whitely choose the lowest, most no account, male bashing, throw under the bus comments they can think of. The subjects they discuss are equally disturbing. No wonder they have issues. Not only them but all those who choose to listen and applaud.

  2. Too many innocent kids have been both physically and sexually abused by their mother’s

    Mother’s need to make better decisions when it comes to who they have around their children.
    In addition, if they are dating, make sure the guy even likes kids in the first place.

    Boyfriends have no business putting their hands on another man’s child!
    You not the daddy-keep your hands off!!!!!!!!!!

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