April Ryan’s CBC Question Proves Donald Trump Is Clueless



2/17/17- Senior White House Correspondent April Ryan talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about her showdown with President Donald Trump at a recent press conference.

“The White House did reach out to the CBC by the end of the day. They are trying to pin down a day and time to make this happen. You will not have all 49 come, but the CBC chair will definitely try to be there.”

On moving the HBCU Initiative:

“There was a concern about who would be running it. This is going to be a major undertaking. This is going to be a full-time job. It’s going to put more focus on HBCUs. When it comes to the universities that are failing….it’s going to be put a spotlight on them. Out of a 105 HBCUs, 70 of the Presidents will be meeting with this President.”

Listen to the entire interview below.


16 HBCU Commencement Speakers We Want To See
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43 thoughts on “April Ryan’s CBC Question Proves Donald Trump Is Clueless

  1. Egypt Allen on said:

    How can anyone in their Right mind believe that 45 rethoric moreover is part of WHITE FOLKS POOR WHITE TRASH AMERICAN DREAM?
    What ignorance bestowes these fools?

  2. It just don’t make no sense for Trump to be ignorant and racist for the hell of it. It has gotten to the point where I can’t stand to even hear his voice anymore.

  3. Dr Larry is actually Amarosa trolling BAW. Funny how white people troll black media with an attempt to brow beat us with their ignorance. Chile bye. Read your anti American, kkk, and Fox News and leave us alone. Why are so concerned about BAW news and why are you trying to convince us to believe in Agent Orange??

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Standard liberal reply, when you can’t argue facts and logic, attack the person. Trump’ss success will make you believe. But people like you, miserable people, very miserable, will always find hatred.

      • This new administration shows no logical reasoning or any fact based truths about anything yet. Even our foreign allies and other governing bodies around the world are unsure 😐 about what kind of relationship he has with the people of the USA and the rest of the world, except of course the Middle East where he has business ties and Russia 🇷🇺.

  4. So the header reads April Ryan’s (mini-me) question on the CBC proves Trump is clueless, the only one clueless would be someone making that assumption, I seem to recall members of the CBC stating they would not work with this president, I also noticed that after 8 years blacks in their district are still living in hell

  5. specialt757 on said:

    Good call, this man needs to be medicated. Soon they will be taking him out on a stretcher, he’s already had a meltdown, NEXT, heart attack.

    • The only resson he will be succsesful is bc he has his yes men around him in congress. Trump is incompetent. He doesn’t have real policy solutions. All he has is the same old tired song of cutting taxes for the wealthy. , yeay, I’ll get an extra $200/ more a yr. while him and his millionaire and billionaire friends get hundred of thousands of dollars in tax brks. He wants an infrastructure bill. How’s he going to pay for it?? If he repeal obamacare, it will cost billions of dollars, with no way to pay for it. He’ll be successful in rasing my taxes, that’s all the successes I see coming. I don’t call that succses

    • See Dr Larry that’s where your wrong. People of color have always been the most non-violent, compassionate and giving people. If he does any of the things he says he will do to give people of color a real chance at social and economic justice, black people will be the first to acknowledge that.

  6. Dr. Larry on said:

    Trump should call on her at every press conference, this is quality entertainment. You think she would have learned her lesson after Omsarosa shut her shiggidy down.

  7. Dr. Larry on said:

    Trump demolished all the fake leftist media yesterday, and Ryan was more than happy to serve herself up. Watch the video, you had a large group of reporters calling out questions when Ryan nervously blurted out her question. He did not hear the first part of it when she mentioned CBC. The haters claim because of that, that he doesn’t know what CBC is. More fake news. If Trump walked across the Potomac river, you idiots would try to spin it that he can’t swim. Ryan won’t soon spout off again, you watch.

  8. Mrknowitall on said:

    If April Ryan truly wanted to help black people “like she says she does”, she would have insisted the Congressional Black Caucus held a meeting with the president of the United States in regards to helping black black colleges, But she didn’t and she doesn’t. That’s the true story here.
    Also, if a black person does have a meeting with the President of the United States they are called Coons and sellouts. That’s another story she won’t cover.
    And in conclusion, I would like to see historically white colleges and universities get help from the president of the United

  9. Dr. Larry on said:

    President Trump gave Ryan the chance to participate in her own democracy and she choked. She was trying to be a smart alack and he gave her the chance to be a player and she stuttered and fumbled the ball. When it was over she Twittered something witty but she had already made herself look stupid. Mess with the big Boys you get stomped.

    • Gwendolyn Waller on said:

      She did not look stupid. She does not work from the Trump administration. It is up to Trump and his staff to coordinate a meeting w/ members of congress, not the press. What? Because she is black, she is supposed to set up a meeting with black congressional leaders? He did not even know what CBC meant. She had to break it down for him. The CBC has reached out to him in January and he and members of his team ignored the correspondence. Why? Because make “Make America Great Again” means make America “white” again with “white people” in power. This is not the people’s president. He does not represent the diversity that is America.

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        CBC won’t meet with the President out of fear of being labeled Coon, Uncle Tom, sellout. Same as you all did to Steve Harvey. Plus they have no real dialog other than calling everything they don’t agree with racist. Ryan most certainly looked the fool when Trump called her out. LOL

    • Donald trump won’t be creating jobs for nobody but the ppl that look like him. I can’t wait for SNL this wkend. It should be, Must see tv.

  10. specialt757 on said:

    I know he’s never been a politician and that’s what his supporters liked about him, but the fact that he is completely incompetent should have made them think long and hard before they voted for him. He is beyond ignorant, he looked like bozo the clown or booboo the fool at this news conference, what an embarrassment. He needs to be shame and then put out to pasture.

  11. The turd in the WH is a businessman!!!!

    Chump has never governed a STATE-therefore, he KNOWS NOTHING about how the US Government works!!!!!!!!

    He will run this country into the ground–Unless he gets us all KILLED first by shooting off his mouth to the wrong foreign country i.e.-S. Korea/Iraq, Iran. These countries have NUKES
    and they are not AFRAID of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The folks who VOTED for his dumbass WILL DESERVE EXACTLY WHAT THEY GET!!!!!!!

    • Brush up on your foreign policy S. Korea is one of our biggest allies I think you mean N. Korea and according to That No hope or Change guy his fantastic Negotiation w/Iran was supposed to prevent them obtaining Nukes and if Iran has nukes then I guess GWB was right in invading them

  12. I will almost bet not much comes of this meeting with this man. He didn’t even know what the CBC stood for. He’s an evil fool, who reaps with ignorance and prejudice. I don’t care how much bluster he rants about. He’s all talk. To call him the so call most powerful person in the free world is frightening.

    • You’re right miss Diane. His supporters would rather see the country destroyed than have a black prez. Half of them could care less what goes on
      In the whitehouse as long as pres Obama is out.

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