CHICAGO (AP) — A 19-year-old man has been charged with first-degree murder in the killing of an 11-year-old Chicago girl who was shot in the head over the weekend.

Chicago Police suspect Antwan C. Jones in the shooting of Takiya Holmes. She died Tuesday.

Takiya was among at least three children shot in Chicago in recent days.

Police say 2-year-old Lavontay White was fatally shot Tuesday when someone opened fire on a vehicle he was in with two adults. Police suspect the man in the vehicle who also died was the target of a gang hit. And authorities said Tuesday that a 12-year-old girl also shot over the weekend remains in critical condition.

Jones doesn’t have a listed number to pursue comment.

CHICAGO (AP) — A Chicago toddler was shot and killed on Tuesday in what police suspect was a “gang hit” on a man in a vehicle with her, just a few days after two young girls were shot in the head. It marked the latest spasm of violence in a city struggling to contain such attacks.

Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said police suspect the man, a well-known gang member with an extensive criminal history, was the target of the shooting that also left a woman wounded.

No other details were released and he said no arrests had been made.

Over the weekend, two girls ages 11 and 12 were shot in the head by gunmen who were aiming at someone else in an area of the city known for heavy gang activity. The Cook County medical examiner’s office says Takiya Holmes, 11, died early Tuesday at Comer Children’s Hospital. The 12-year-old was in critical condition on Monday, but police have not updated her condition since.

The shootings highlight the street gang violence that police say was largely responsible for 762 homicides last year — nearly 300 more than occurred in 2015 — and more than 3,500 shooting incidents. That violence has continued this year, with January ending with 51 homicides, the highest total since January 1999 when there were 55.

Those kinds of numbers help explain why Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s office said he will announce on Wednesday in his budget speech a push to fund 200 more state police cadets to patrol Chicago-area expressways. In 2016, there were 51 shootings on those roadways, compared to 37 in 2015. State police have said that the gun violence in the city is spilling onto the expressways.

It is unclear how Illinois can find the money to pay for the new state troopers in the midst of a budget crisis. Rauner’s office would not elaborate..

The violence on the expressways also prompted the Chicago Crime Commission to ask that state and federal officials find the money to purchase a high-tech “expressway video surveillance system.”

“An expressway video surveillance system would be designed to assist law enforcement in identifying and apprehending those responsible for the epidemic of shootings occurring on area expressways,” J.R. Davis, the chairman and president of the commission, said in a statement.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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23 thoughts on “Charges Filed In 11-Year-Old Girl’s Chicago Shooting Death

  1. What a stupid a-hole. 19 years old and done ruined his life before he could get started. His dumb ass needs to crawl back in that stank birth canal and rot

  2. Chicago needs to be clean up from these black on Black crime. Those gun laws needs to be changed. I’m not a Donald trump voter but if the Chicagos law enforcement can’t clean it up then send the national guards in to clean it up. The KKK is sitting back laughing at y’all while ni@@ers killing one another.

  3. Just to be clear. I’m not for all this blk on blk crimes or killings. It needs to stop! Not just in Chicago, but everywhere. Apparently, these gangbangers have no parental guidance. The streets are their fam. That’s the problem.

  4. Diane blames Trump, like the killings just started on January 20. Look at Terrie’s reply. “No snitching and fuck the po-po.” There’s your problem people.

  5. Just saying on said:

    This is so sad. I say bring in the feds and clean the city of the gangs by any means necessary. We’re getting ready to go to war anyway. Bring back the draft. If gang members want to do some killing, I say put their asses in some battle dress uniforms and give them their M16 or whatever the weapon of choice is, and let them lose on the front line. Big ass cowards!

  6. African American Woman on said:

    This situation is a disgrace beyond words…I’m so ashamed of my people who engage in violence against our people…please don’t tell me what white people do, cause I don’t give a rats ass what they do…the great majority of children are not born evil…this total disregard stems from childhood. We simply cannot afford to continue down this path to hell. I’m sure the same Klan and police you profess to hate love you…they don’t have to kill us, we’re doing their work, and get this, for free! Can’t beat that deal…

  7. ResponsibilityInControl on said:


  8. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    These street thugs have parents, grandparents brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, girlfriends and boyfriends and friends! How about we have them to expose them for who they are it will take a collective effort to expose these low lives……………………………….As for black lives matters…………….no white cop involved so there is not a need to protest and riot…………………..Sad these idiots have nothing more to live for than to kill each other and claim a spot of land that none of them have any legal rights to own LOL how stupid is that? Gang LOL Idiots. Education and the drive for our young people to want more in life is the only cure for this!

  9. What happen to PERSONAL RESPONSIBLITY? Stop blaming the whole black community to do a job that people as an INDIVIDUAL should do. I do not care if anyone is poor, bad home life, there is a thing called RESPECT for others and human life. Period.

  10. It is all Chump’s fault. He surrounds himself with racists, he is mentally unfit and has no idea what he’s doing. This never would have happened if Barrack H Obama was still the POTUS.

  11. African American Woman on said:

    This angers me to no end…babies being slaughtered for nothing…This is what the country and world sees and thinks when they see black folks…well complain when Beyonce doesn’t win a stupid Grammy and applaud a black bachelorette, but no uproar over black men slaughtering black babies…too bad a cop wwsnt involved because at least we’d be up in arms…in crying for these innocent babies.

    • Up until the last two sentences you were making perfect sense. Then you go full retard by bringing up cops. WTF was the point of doing that? Your ignorant statement is useless.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Chris…let me make it ultra simple for you..

        Black person kills black person = no reaction
        Cop kills black person = riots and mayhem

        Get it now?

      • First of all, many black people do react who are within that community. Does it get the same responses as cop killing someone? NO. That is because ONE is THE LAW which has POWER and who is suppose to protect EVERYONE is doing wrong and abusing power; and one is people doing wrong which goes on in ALL COMMUNITIES (and this is the same even if a white baby gets killed by a white person. Do we get mad about that killing in the same manner even thought we hate that it happen? NO)

      • African American Woman on said:

        Cops should be held accountable if they abuse their power, however, we jump and riot before we even find out what happened! We automatically assume the black guy was innocent and the cop was wrong, even when we find out afterward, the guy had a gun, etc…. If you want to insert white folks here, then answer this question, why don’t we riot when the cops kill a white person, which by the ways outnumbers black people killed by cops? Am Sharpton and his race baiter friends come out the woodwork for a cop related killing, but not a peep for three babies…why, you ask? Because if a cop is involved, whether justified or not, it gives us the opportunity to blame others for our ills. If we stand up against the violence in our own communities, we have no one to blame but ourselves and, yeah….we don’t do that…Money trumps lives…Sharpton and others don’t make money for issues that don’t generate confusion and notoriety.

    • I agree. This madness need to stop. I don’t care who the prez is. Trump will not make a difference, either. Ppl have to do better. Sad

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