Should POTUS Continue To Commute Sentences?


Roland Martin High Res

1/18/17- Roland Martin talks to the leader of the President’s largest committee of civil rights, Christian Clark about POTUS’ power of commutation and why there’s still plenty of time left to overturn hundreds of more sentences.

“Yesterday’s announcement was welcomed and truly historic. I want to give the President power but this is definitely a moment to keep his foot on the gas. We know there are deserving people in federal prisons…folks that have maintained clean records while in jail,” she said.

Click the link below to hear the entire interview.


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10 thoughts on “Should POTUS Continue To Commute Sentences?

    • Carmen on said:

      Thx for that link. I will pass it on. “Obama out.” We are going to miss him, especially the people who appreciated his intellect.

  1. He should Pardon and Grant Clemency until he runs out of ink! For the folks who don’t know any better, he’s only Pardoned or granted Clemency to NON-VIOLENT folks! We live in a time where folks use to hide in the shadows, now Trump comes and Happy Days are here again for the RACIST folks!

  2. Sure commute, commute as long as they have to go to Chicago to live
    After all under his and his crony Mayor Rheum’s watch 1000’s of minority’s
    Are dead thanks to the polices of the two

  3. Yes, the Prez should continue with “low level crime” pardons.

    However, I disagree with his commuting the sentence of Chelsea Manning.
    Manning committed TREASON-she should’ve been made to serve out her entire sentence!!!!!!

    I hope this does not have any lasting repercussions for this country!!!!!!!!

  4. Yeah, go ahead and pardon or commute sentences of peddlers of poison in our communities, even the ones who were packing guns. Commute the sentence of a man who wants to be a woman who leaked information that put our military in harms way.

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