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As the farewell tributes in honor of the First Family continue to mount during their last week in the White House, Jimmy Fallon decided to give five lucky people the opportunity of lifetime by surprising them with a visit from Michelle Obama on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show.

Fallon’s producers directed each person to a portrait of the First Lady where they voiced affirmations of inspiration, courage and gratitude. Little did they know she was waiting in the wings to greet them after they finished.

What happened next will have you in your emotions.

“For years you have shown our nation countless times that through dignity, compassion and respect we can overcome any hardship,” said one supporter who burst into tears once she realized the First Lady stood in front of her.

Another held back tears as he described his daughter’s joy when she watches Obama on television. “I’ve let her stay up and watch your speeches, but the reason I do it is because the thread that runs through your speeches is kindness, always kindness. Speaking deep from the heart–that is the one value I try to teach my kids,” he said.

The First Lady even danced a bit as one supporter crowned her queen of the “Dougie.”

Obama’s visit on Wednesday was her last as First Lady, but we have a feeling it won’t be the last time we see her take a seat on Fallon’s couch.


Michelle Obama’s Last ‘Tonight Show’ Visit As First Lady Will Give You All The Feels was originally published on newsone.com

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