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President-elect Donald Trump, accompanied by family members, waits to be introduced during a news conference in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York, Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

NEW YORK (AP) — A shouting match with a reporter. A long unexplained prop. An unexpected interlude from a lawyer.

Donald Trump’s raucous first news conference as president-elect bore little resemblance to the usually staid and choreographed sessions with the occupant of the Oval Office. It was a 58-minute display of how some of the old rules of journalism will be tested in the Trump era.

More than 250 journalists packed Trump Tower for the celebrity businessman’s first full-fledged news conference since July, which was billed as a forum to discuss his separation from his business but quickly turned into a loud, wide-ranging free-for-all about U.S. intelligence, Russian hacking and, eventually, some of Trump’s policy plans after he takes office on Jan. 20.

Only one seat was saved by a Republican National Committee aide, a front-row spot for a reporter from Breitbart, the conservative news outlet until recently run by Trump senior adviser Steve Bannon. Other reporters scrambled to save their seats. Reporters shouted and waved their arms at Trump to get his attention, rather than the president calling on questioners from a list, as is often the practice.

Trump stood at a podium next to a pile of manila folders on a table. But only well into the press conference did he later explain the papers were documentation of his new business arrangement, details of which were explained only when Trump abruptly ceded the stage to his lawyer. Trump staffers blocked reporters from examining the folders.

The business announcement aside, Trump really came ready to do battle with press. Coming hours after news reports revealed intelligence officials had presented Trump with unsubstantiated and salacious allegations regarding his relationship to Russia, Trump and his team opened the news conference by condemning news organizations that disclosed details, calling out CNN and BuzzFeed as “disgraceful.”

He later refused to let CNN reporter Jim Acosta ask a question, saying, “Your organization is terrible” and demanding that he be “quiet” and allow another reporter a turn.

“I am not going to give you a question,” Trump said, ignoring Acosta’s requests. “You are fake news.”

Such exchanges became somewhat predictable during Trump’s campaign, during which Trump used his combative relationship with the press to fire up his supporters. But there are few recent examples of a sitting-president and a journalist abandoning decorum to duke it out on live television. The episode was a sign that Trump may not intend to change his demeanor when he takes office later this month.

Trump isn’t the only one questioning BuzzFeed’s decision to publish the material. The dossier contains unproven information largely attributed to anonymous sources. The Associated Press has not authenticated any of the claims and Trump has strongly denied all of the accusations.

A CNN spokesman said in a statement: “We are fully confident in our reporting. It represents the core of what the First Amendment protects, informing the people of the inner workings of their government.”

BuzzFeed News’ editor-in-chief said in a statement that the online outlet published the document because its mission is to be “transparent in our journalism.”

In turn, Trump was transparent in how he plans to deal with this press corps.

When he called on the Breitbart reporter, he was asked his thoughts on media ethics and so-called “fake news.”

“Some of the media outlets that I deal with are fake news more so than anybody. I could name them, but I won’t bother, but you have a few sitting right in front of us. They’re very, very dishonest people, but I think it’s just something we’re going to have to live with,” he said. “I guess the advantage I have is that I can speak back.”


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37 thoughts on “Trump Press Conference Turns Combative

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Terri, I’m not looking for accolades, nor does the Scholar take delight in calling out the weak minded among us. But it must be done in order to have constructive dialog and press forward on the core issues that degrade out communities and quality of life. The frail of mind and spirit will look outward for root causes, police, white privilege, slavery, etc… They, by choice, or blind faith, will ignore the decaying black infrastructure, that we alone are responsible for. Black teenagers with the highest pregnancy rate in the world, highest HS drop out rate, unemployment, drug addiction, crime, single parent households, dependency on social welfare programs, don’t value education. I could go on, but it starts to depress me. We have failed as a race in a country where immigrants come with less than us, and surpass blacks in mere years. President Trump has laid out plans to make inroads on all of these issues in time, but the haters turn their back. Content to wallow in poverty and crime, rather than give credit and support to a rich white man.
      I’m reminded of the movie, “The Blind Side:, where a wealthy, philanthropic, white family reached out and took in Michael Orr (Baltimore Ravens). Taught him the value of education, self respect, hard work, and what a real family structure can accomplish. It is a true story and a wonderful movie, yet it never was featured in black theaters. Why? Because we didn’t want to see or acknowledge white people succeeding where we couldn’t. We would have preferred Mr. Orr fail among us, rather than succeed with whites. Think about the sickness of that for a moment. It’s unfathomable, yet it’s exactly how many blacks are treating President Trump. They’d rather see this country fail, than it succeed under a white. Look for the telltale signs from these haters, “Trump is racist, hates women, Muslims, blacks, orange Hitler, pu@@y grabber, slut wife, etc….” They are easy to spot, live a sad pathetic existence, and will continue to do so, because they’ll be dammed if whitey will get credit for helping them. Though they gladly accept whiteys welfare check every month.

  1. Whatever13 on said:

    Can’t wait for it to be disclosed the damaging documents that Putin has on him and is being blackmailed for it. This man is suppose to represent America. He is doing a hell of a job so far, what an idiot.

  2. Apparently news and Government officials knew about this months ago but unlike Hilary’s e-mail and pay for play scandals it couldn’t and still can’t be verified, too bad maybe if it had been released the Old Crone might have picked up a couple of extra votes where it counts HAHAHA

  3. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    Of course we all knew that the Liar in Chief with his Neo- nazi cadre were going to lie their asses off at the so called “news conference.” This whole episode with the Hater in Chief trump, would be hilarious if he were not about to become president of the Disunited Fascist States of America. We are all in for the fight of our lives- to preserve even the imperfect democracy that we had.



    • specialt757 on said:

      black prez has integrity, white prez has prostitutes pisses on him and grabbing ’em by the p******s, oh I forgot that’s just locker room talk.
      I wish I could got to sleep for four years and wake up and the nightmare is over.

  5. specialt757 on said:

    But what’s even more sad is this fool troll chris who worships the ground this dummy walks on. You are pathetic and your views are worthless. You and jose’ always seem to throw Obama in your stupid rhetoric because without him you CANNOT intelligently defend the orange hitler. Let the orange clown stand on his own merit. Name 5 things this orange fool has done for Americans, go ahead I’m waiting. He can’t even tell you what’s wrong with the ACA, he just keeps saying “it will be repealed and replaced, maybe the same day, or in the same hour” pssssh what kind of non-sense is that? He has NO REPLACEMENT or any idea what to replace neither do the Redumblicans.

  6. What a sad display of professionalism from someone who is to be the leader of the free world. I’m still SMH at the fact that people actually thought he could be a civilized human being and run the country successfully. He is a complete bully and has zero respect for anyone accept Putin. He lies every time he’s asked about releasing his tax returns…they’re under an audit, GTFOH, you lying orange clown.

  7. Orange Man is a bully and a liar and his news people are fake and he should be just go somewhere and hide under a rock and so should the people that voted for him. Dump trump

  8. Let me recycle my comment from another article, THIS $HIT IS GETTING MORE AND MORE RIDICULOUS !!! Lets’ just pray that we as a nation can survive for these 4 years and pray harder that it doesn’t turn into 8 years. Damn,Damn, Damn

  9. Jackie on said:

    All I have to do is look at the Scroul on his face. He is a mean spirited person. He don’t really want the job. Mike pence will be running things with his bible thumping ass. He ran after Obama Bc he knw he couldn’t have beaten Obama. He’s combative and very childish. To think we have to deal with his ignorance is sad as he’ll. I hope he gets Impeached. I truly do

  10. There are so many things I don’t like about Trump. NOT among them is his acting like he’s a true conservative/republican (my point is I don’t care if he’s a Repub or not)….that’s not the issue for me because I’ve never really thought he was a true conservative…’s that the opportunity appeared to run as a conservative/republican, and he pounced on it. The reason I don’t like him, and his politics is because he’s a bully, he always makes disparaging remarks (the sky is falling, etc), he emits such negative vibes, and HE ISN’T SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR OUR KIDS…..who are watching his bullying

  11. Generally speaking Trump is a Bully, is always stretching the truth (for example saying something about all the dress shops are sold out in regards to the inauguration) ……..really Donald dress shops….this isn’t the 50s. It just shows how out of touch he is with the common/average American. Duuuuuh most women in the US don’t go to ‘the dress shop’. SMDH!! As far Hillary receiving questions before a debate. Really people…….who cares because there are only so many questions that can be asked, and common sense tells me that both candidates (generally) knew what questions would be asked. Lastly people in the country need to agree……to disagree on certain things. Perhaps there is no right, or wrong way, or answer. Maybe it’s just that we all have different philosophies on life.

    • You laugh off Donna Brazille giving Clinton the debate questions. The questions were not just leaked to give Hillary the upper hand. They were technically given to her for her approval. If a republican candidate was leaked a debate question, every liberals head would have exploded.

      • Jackie on said:

        The fact of the matter is trump knw Megan Kelly was going to come at him about the comments he said about women. So the Donald need to stop telling that damn lie but Evertime he open his mouth a damn lie fly out. I’m dick of him already

  12. The Truth on said:

    Mr. Trump Only getting hwhat he put out. Now he can feel what President Obama felt about lies he told about his Birth. How Hillary felt with what he did to her….This is just getting started…He felt hacking was a big deal for Hillary but now it’s happening with him. He need to Act like a President not a child. He will NEVER RESPECT THE POSITION YALL VOTED HIM IN….YOU GET WHAT YOU VOTED FOR…SAD

      • Chris: I wish the media would call Trump out on the bazillion lies he tells. Yes lots of politicians tell un-truths……but Trump appears to be a master at lying. During the entire campaign the media RARELY called Trump out on his rhetoric.

      • They were not bias when President Obama was in office republican’s need to stop with the double standard and realize the orange face man you all but in office is a bully and liar thief and a pervert who have affairs on his wife with Russin women and he like for them to pee on him how NASTY. America doomed

  13. It’s about time the biased press is called onto the carpet. CNN was caught red handed by Hillary’s unsecured email server colluding with Clinton’s campaign to provide questions before the democrat debates.

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