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thefamilyhustleThere’s a chance fans won’t see a Season 6 of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. Following news that Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris had filed for divorce from her rapper husband T.I. after six years of marriage, a new report claims that the VH-1 reality show is on the chopping block.

The Jasmine Brand reports that the network is considering canceling the show, but sources told the outlet that the couple’s divorce has nothing to do with it. The network reportedly wants to axe the series because T.I. is hard to work with.

“T.I. is a headache to deal with. As the show continues, he’s gotten more and more demanding,” a source said. “Don’t get me wrong, the network loves the show, but he’s a nightmare to work with and the production is sick of dealing with him.”

The source adds: “He’s VERY meticulous about how he’s portrayed and it’s just difficult shooting with him always wanting to be in control of every single thing.

Tiny reportedly filed for divorce in Henry County, where she also purchased a mansion for herself and the couple’s small children. The former couple has been living separately for the past year, and during this time T.I. has made headlines for allegedly cheating on his wife.

“Tiny is no Mother Theresa, but she dealt with T.I.’s crap for way too long,” a source close to the former pair tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She stayed longer because of the five kids, but T.I. took her for granted and just thought she would always be there and she didn’t want to be stuck in that rut forever.”

The source continued, “She wanted to be loved and not be seen as an afterthought and she is now doing something about it. It’s a wake-up call for all of them.”

Tiny officially filed for divorce Dec. 7, but the pair has reportedly met up in person at least twice to discuss their split and child custody arrangements.

PHOTO: VH1 promo

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5 thoughts on “Report: T.I. And Tiny’s Reality Show Over Because T.I. Is ‘Hard To Deal With’

  1. Graham on said:

    I’m happy for Tiny, any man that wants to control everything, you can’t be happy even when you have it all. Controlling men are cheaters because they want to keep you in check so they can do their dirt.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    True, reality shows are the worst at keeping families together, I almost think going in that’s the plan, destroy the family unit. Nothing good seems to come out of reality shows except more reality shows.
    I really don’t care for Tiny but I don’t like cheaters either. If and I mean “if” he constantly cheats and don’t love her, they shouldn’t be together, cheating will get you killed. Most of the children have different mothers and at least one different father. Children do deserve a two-parent home, this couple has 3 children together, we really don’t know the others’ situation. Now it seems EGOs are involved so things are about to get nasty.

  3. Cynthia Riddle on said:

    That’s really too bad. I really enjoyed watching the show up until a year or so ago. You could tell they were going through something. It came through on the screen, and they often didn’t have scenes together. I hope they can figure it out, especially for the children. Children deserve to live in a two parent home. Seems like reality shows do more to disrupt families, than they do to bring them closer. Wishing them the best.

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