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07/01/2016 - Kelly Price - 2016 Essence Music Festival - Arrivals - Mercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LA, USA - Keywords: singer, songwriter Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 - False - Photo Credit: Richard Dunn / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827) - Portrait Face Count: 1

Kelly Price will also step into the ring for the planned Soulja Boy/Chris Brown boxing match in Dubai.

The R&B singer confirmed on Instagram that she has accepted an offer from 50 Cent to belt the Star Spangled Banner before the spectacle begins.

50 has been going all out to make a profit off of this celebrity beef, including recruiting former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson as Breezy’s trainer after 50’s nemesis Floyd Mayweather Jr. began training Soulja Boy.

“See Floyd’s supposed to be training [Soulja Boy], but I kinda feel like Floyd wants to train him just so he can beat me. How you gonna just train this n**ga all of sudden?” 50 said last week. “You is the promoter. You not supposed to be training the fighter for him to fight the other fighter now, champ. But since you got Floyd Mayweather, I just got off the phone with ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. So, ‘Iron Mike’ is gonna train Chris Brown. Now we gon’ see cause this is gonna be a show. When I put on a show, I put on a show, baby. You got to watch me.”

A date yet to be announced for the fight, which both camps hope will take place in Dubai. More traditional fight cities in the U.S., like Las Vegas, are not an option because of U.S. boxing restrictions for amateur competitors.

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9 thoughts on “Kelly Price To Sing National Anthem For Soulja Boy/Chris Brown Fight

  1. So immature. Money and fame has made them foolish. These Negros need to come back to the real world. There are so much more important things going on these days. Why can’t these guys use their money and fame to do something good instead of this stupid shit?

  2. Floyd was just on ESPN First Take today and said the talk about Dubai is not true. He is trying to make it happen and if it do it will be in Vegas or LA. He also said any proceeds from it would go to charity. However, nothing is set in stone. I think it is all a bunch of foolishness and both of them need to grow up.

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