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Will Rihanna, Bruno Mars and the Weekend be part of the Grammy’s Prince tribute? According to, those are the artists that have been approached to do a tribute for the upcoming music awards show airing on February 12 at 8 p.m. This comes along with news that Prince’s estate may announce new streaming deals with Spotify and Apple Music, despite the icon’s resistance to doing so while he was still alive.

Although he agreed to a streaming deal with Tidal, the estate has since sued the streaming service owned by Jay Z, saying that the service didn’t have exclusive rights to Prince’s music and that the estate hadn’t been paid for them before Prince’s death last April. Tidal is currently the only place most of the catalogue can be heard.

In other Prince news, Bremer Trust continues to catalogue the musician’s assets which include over 1,000 songs, 18  vehicles including motorcycles from Graffiti Bridge and Purple Rain, $110,000 in cash in four bank accounts and one surprising item – 67 10 oz. gold bars worth almost a million dollars. HIs publishing companies, including NPG Music, had $6 million of cash on hand.

Prince’s musical instruments, which include eight pianos, numerous recording equipment and guitars is still being archived as well as his total output of music and the worth of his unreleased vault material and various trademarks which include ownership of the The Time group name and Vanity 6 group name. Estimated value of the entire estate is in the hundreds of millions, according to previous reports.

You can see an accounting of the estate so far HERE. 

What do you think Prince’s estate might be worth? And who do you want to see perform his Grammy tribute?

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