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NEW YORK (AP) — Arnold Schwarzenegger is the latest victim of a Donald Trump Twitter attack. The president-elect took time Friday to note that the “Terminator” star was “swamped” in his “Celebrity Apprentice” debut “by comparison to the ratings machine, DJT.”

“So much for being a movie star,” Trump tweeted, continuing: “But who cares, he supported Kasich and Hillary.”

Schwarzenegger tweeted back, urging Trump to work as hard for the American people as he did for his ratings.

Trump is right about the ratings, using the comparison he set up. His Jan. 4, 2004 debut on the reality show drew 18.49 million viewers, and Schwarzenegger’s Monday bow as host was seen by 4.95 million. That’s a 73 percent drop, according to the Nielsen company.

Two things are important to note: television shows almost always fade in popularity with time, and live viewership in general is down in an on-demand world.

The first episode of Trump’s last season on “Celebrity Apprentice” in 2015 was seen by 6.81 million, down 63 percent from his own debut 11 years earlier, Nielsen said. For all television shows, viewership this season is off 23 percent from the 2003-04 season.

Schwarzenegger, the Republican former California governor, did indeed endorse Ohio Gov. John Kasich as Republican presidential nominee. In October, he said he would not be voting for Trump, urging Republicans to vote country over party. But he did not endorse Clinton or publicly say who he was voting for.

From a political standpoint, Trump’s tweak of Schwarzenegger was understandable.

Business-wise, it’s less so. Trump is still listed as an executive producer of “Celebrity Apprentice” and retains a financial stake in the NBC program. So he has an interest in seeing Schwarzenegger succeed, not fail.

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16 thoughts on “Trump Slams Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Apprentice’ Ratings

  1. I am not sure why President Elect Trump is even worried about some darn television show ,when we have greater problems that need addressed and sloved. Trump acts like a spioled kid, especially when someone is against him in any kind of way. He just made the statement about Arnold because he didn’t support him. Such a dictators mentality.We’re in for a long ride for the next 4 years.

  2. It cracks me up when people play the ratings game (like they have some financial stake $$ in a show). No matter what The Apprentice’s ratings are….we aren’t going to receive jack….so why in the H would I care. Trump Elect needs to be thinking about what he’s going to tell all these people he promised a job when automation/robots take over. I do hope more people (especially Black males, and yeah I said it) are given employment opportunities….but we have to be realistic in that automation is going to continue to take jobs. And, all the college education in the world won’t help (STOP telling everyone to go to college. Everyone is cut out to go to college; plus why go into debt to come out making $10 a hour… makes no LOGICAL SENSE)( Yes, if you are going to be a doctor, lawyer, nurse, school teach, etc. yes you need a degree

    • Oops….I meant everyone (ISN’T) meant to go to college. Nor does everyone even need to contemplate going to college. If you live in say an Iowa City, and have worked in factories all of your life (and, now the factories have closed) then I’m thinking you need to find another viable employment tool that doesn’t involve going into college debt. Are….move to another City/State that has more opportunities, As for Trump Elect…….he is sooooo immature tweeting rhetoric about things that aren’t even remotely important. And, this is the person that almost 50% of the voting population voted for. SMDH!!!

  3. Tim green on said:

    The president elect of the United States is more concerned with tv ratings than the fact he doesn’t know jackshit about whats going on in the world

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      Seems to know a hell of a lot more than Obama. Can you please list 5 accomplishments in the last 8 years. Obama-phones don’t count.

      • specialt757 on said:

        You are truly obsessed with our FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT, but I can’t blame you, he was a really good guy. You can hardly make one comment without licking his butt, you should now try licking trump’s orange ass, since you voted for him.

      • Sheryl on said:

        Here’s the list of 5 great things Obama accomplished nut case. 401ks are up unemployment is down. He staved off a depression that was brought on by bush. He’s gotten millions healthcare wether u like it or not. And wages have increased. Need I say more? And he saved 1.5mllion auto jobs. Dumbass trump is still hiring immigrants. And paying ppl minimum wage and he’s a do called billionaire. Give me break. The chump doesn’t care about nobody buthimsf and his fam. I see he’s not commenting on the jobs bring list in the retailer business. He’s such a phony.

      • MariAnne Bolton on said:

        TO SHERYL: Please forgive me. That response was NOT meant for you. I was saying “GFY” to DR. LARRY. I don’t know HOW it got SWITCHED. SHERYL, I TOTALLY agree with EVERYTHING you said!!!

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