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Shirley Caesar Promo

Amid the torrent of backlash against Kim Burrell over her anti-gay sermon, fellow pastor and gospel great Shirley Caesar has stepped forward in her defense, suggesting Burrell’s church should’ve collected cell phones at the door to avoid all the controversy.

The 11-time Grammy winner and unwitting voice of the #YouNameItChallenge included a message about Burrell’s controversial words in her latest sermon at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Baltimore.

“You should’ve said something four years ago when our President made that stuff all right,” Caesar, 78, said in footage posted online Wednesday night.


In light of Burrell being exposed, Caesar also advised pastors to start banning cell phones.

“We’re living in critical times now,” she said. “The Lord put this in my spirit. Anytime you wanna say something to your church, to your members, collect the [cell phones] at the door. …One phone is about a million people by itself. …If there’s something that you wanna say in house, you better have the ushers get their phones and the other people’s phones, too – the ushers, the deacons, get all of their phones. Say amen, somebody.”

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26 thoughts on “Uh-Oh: Shirley Caesar Sounds Off On Kim Burrell & POTUS?

  1. Ms Caesar, you sound confuse. If a preached can’t stand up for the word of God, then, they should not be preaching. You preach the word of God and let him do the rest.

    But, this happens when one has one foot in the Church and the other in the world. God will protect his own.

  2. I think the person who did the video should be charged for posting it. They were looking for a payday and pastor Burrell should sue the pants off of them. What she said in her own church should have stayed there she was not out in the street saying this enough said

  3. Actually we are called to judge. We aren’t called to condemn. In the book of Revelation it tells us that we will judge angles. Just because someone is preaching against a lifestyle it doesn’t make them a hateful person. Notice I did say lifestyle. We are not born homosexual, one chooses to be homosexual. Just because someone has tendencies it doesn’t mean that you have to act upon those tendencies. Remember we are all born sinful not sinners. You become a dinner once you act upon the tendency.

  4. Christina Massey on said:

    I Love Pastor Ceaser But I Have To Disagree With Her Remark About The President Making This Ok. It Was Out Longgg Before He Was President.

  5. Pastor Kim nor Shirley are preaching hate. They believe that the bible believe homosexuality is a sin. Just like fornication,gluttony, adultery, etc. You love the sinner, but not the sin. If they hate, then they too are sinners for God is love. Just want to make it clear, they are not preaching hate.

    • DeeDee-thank you! You are the ONLY one in these comments who spoke truth and acted in a professional manner. Others are using scripture and have NO clue what it means, the historical content and context of those scriptures etc. Thank you again. Also, Shirley-if the word is from the Lord-HE doesnt care who hears it! Please get a grip.

  6. i find it interesting that she tried to shade obama about gays. kim burrell’s message was vile and hateful.
    other thing i find interesting is her suggestion of taking the cellphones. If your “word” is from the Lord, then He will give you all the covering and protection you need.
    these people need to go somewhere and sit down. all of them use gay hairdressers, gay musicians in their churches, gay makeup artists.
    if you feel that way about their lifestyles and who they are in your god’s word, then don’t engage them for the benefits they bring of making you physically more presentable.
    Hypocrites is what she and kim burrell are!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Beeg1984 on said:

      OMG, Leah Harrison Foster, these Church folks are a mess, I totally agree with you. President Obama only wanted made things fair for everyone. He feels everyone should be treated the same across the board, Gay or Straight. Shirley Cesar and Kim Burrell neither one got a Hell or Heaven to put anyone in. But we have these Church Folks, Black and White that want to Judge and the Bible said, “Don’t Judge other people” make not in those words, but that is what The LORD Said. The Bible said this also. “For Many are Called and Few are Chosen” in other words everyone called was not Chosen. All the people that claiming to be pastors better know what they are doing cause it better to just sit down and not claim anything, but claiming to be a Man or Woman of God for your agenda. GOD DON”T PLAY, Asked Eddie Long… just saying… “There is a leak in this old building and my Soul has got to MOVE”

  7. Gaynism existed waaaaaaay before Obama swaggered into the White House. Anyhow Saint Shirley, aren’t you breaking God’s law by adorning yourself with anything other than the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a quiet spirit? Bible Thumpers. Can’t live with “em, can’t kill ’em

  8. To Shirley Caesar and all the other preachers, I don’t think God will turn you away from his love if you are gay!! Well now she has Trump who hates gays like she does, let’s see how that will work for the country. Who gives you the right to hate on anyone because of who they want to love, they would not choose to be gay if they had a choice!

    • specialt757 on said:

      “…they would not choose to be gay if they had a choice!” People make this a lifestyle choice everyday. Especially people who decide after many failed heterosexual relationships, they want to “do” something different. People do have choices.

  9. There are so many more important issues affecting our community besides the “Gay” issue.
    Both of these holier than thou women need to STFU!!!!!!

    The Bible that I know and read does not preach HATE as ministers in so many Black churches do every Sunday.

    Such HYPOCRITES these folks are!!!!!!!!!

  10. Either of these women are limit living according to scripture, so until they start living according to gods will they have no room to talk. 1 Timothy 2:12 woman shall not upsurb authority over man.

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