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Phaedra Parks is going to pay $100,000 to her estranged, incarcerated husband, Apollo Nida, in order to help him pay off his $2 million restitution fine, according to court documents obtained by The Jasmine Brand.

Nida filed for divorce from Parks earlier this month in Georgia court, though she had sent him divorce papers months earlier. The former couple listed their separation as June of 2014. The reason given for the divorce was because the marriage was irretrievably broken.

Apollo is currently serving a seven-year sentence behind bars, along with paying $1,948,314.85 in restitution for his fraud crimes. In his divorce filling, he asked for joint legal custody of their two sons. He also wants an equitable split of their assets.

The judge came back with a final order on custody, parenting plan and property division. Phaedra will have primary custody of their 2 kids, and she agreed to pay $100k towards Apollo’s criminal restitution fine.

The two will share legal custody once he is released from prison and he will be allowed to visit with his kids. Parks and Nida have already divided their own personal property including their banks accounts.

As reported by The Jasmine Brand:

The judge ordered Phaedra to also use her best efforts to confer with Apollo while he is incarcerated. Apollo was ordered to not use any illegal drugs within the kid’s primary residence state and also prohibited from consuming alcohol while with the children.

Apollo is disputing the final judgement in Phaedra’s divorce and the judge has yet to rule on his motion to dismiss her case despite it already coming to an end.

The convicted felon reportedly became engaged recently – while behind bars – to a woman named Sherien Almufti who he had been dating for 2 years, before he checked into prison. The new couple have reportedly shot scenes for this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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12 thoughts on “Phaedra Parks Agrees To Pay $100K In Restitution

  1. The show need to find something to keep it going and don’t mind using stupid people desperate enough to work on that show. Haven’t watched it after the first and part of the second season when the good wives left the show. I only see it when it comes across one of these sites and it proves to me that it is still a disgusting and embarrassing show and I haven’t missed a thing. I stick with Netflix where I don’t have to accidentally see a commercial for these garbage shows.

  2. Alisa on said:

    And for the show “Real Housewives of Atlanta” to allow him to be a part of the show is just pathetic, they already fired Phaedra and that’s fine, but to allow him and his fiancé to be apart of the show that he was on only because of Phaedra, So you put this convict back on the show even though he too has broken the law and he Is rewarded? That really shows desperation, I will never watch show again, make us all look bad!

  3. Alisa on said:

    Phaedra has her issues, but Apollo was just a gutter minded street punk that doesn’t know or want to do better. She reached down in the gutter to raise him up, yes she knew how he was but I am sure she believed in him having a second chance in life and that pretty face did fool her. He should have been glad that a woman of her caliber thought enough of him to want him. but instead he wants to try to make her look bad saying the things that he said about her running after him. and now he wants to capitalize off the life she provided for him, he would have never been known if it wasn’t for her. He is a worthless sack of sh**. and for the show to al

  4. if he’s allowed to to be filming and about to be married he should pay for his own mess ups he created nobody held a gun to his head to do wrong

  5. Phaedra knew what she was getting into when she married him. I also heard that she and Apollo had done some shady dealing in the past. Phaedra throws a rock and hide her hand. She and Porsha make me so sick. Gurls you all are NOT all of that.

    • Leslie on said:

      Exactly! Phaedra is not an innocent little bystander in all of this. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if everything Angela Stanton wrote in her book is true!

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