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Beauty is all in the details

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Kids seem to be growing up so fast these days with access to the world through everyday devices. But every once in a while we see reminders of this fact, and it can be alarming.

Case in point: Baller Alert posted a video of a woman applying eyebrow makeup to a small child. It appears that she defined the eyebrow already and was adding a light contour to accentuate the shape. On an adult, this would look great. On a child, disturbing.

Comments on the video were all of a similar sentiment.

Tritay247 said, “So why and what’s the point this is to show what how ridiculous these moms can be just cause you have a girl wanna be the cool friend parent but when she 11/12 and outta control just know where it started smdh.”

South_bronx said, “No Aww she’s too young for all that makeup and her skin it to sensitive. And they way kids are nowadays, u don’t want to start them too early cause by the time she’s 10, she’ll think she’s a woman.”

Laffytaffyqueen noted, “She is so cute! But damn give the child a chance to grow up before you pack all that damn makeup thats filled with chemicals all in her pores! #stupidity”

Aoki_momma_raina said, “What are we doing to our children especially our little girls.”

And __veroa said, “Do people know children’s skin is wayyy more sensitive and different from an adult? This video is so wrong she can get rashes from all this bull Shit leave her pure skin alone 🙁 like really dude? You couldn’t find an adult to practice on?”

What are your thoughts on applying makeup to kids? Too much too soon?


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