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Broadway Opening Night Celebration For 'Fences'

Source: Jemal Countess / Getty

With less than a month before the anticipated film Fences hits theaters, a second trailer was released and only proves why Viola Davis and its director Denzel Washington are serious Oscar contenders this year. Serious tensions rise in this newest sneak peek of the movie that highlights more of Davis’ performance, which has been hailed as a “masterpiece of quiet grace.

Both Washington and Davis reprise their Tony-Award winning roles from the 2010 Broadway revival of August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play.

Fences follows the life of Troy (Washington), a former baseball player in the Negro League, who served time for a botched robbery then worked his way up the ladder as a garbage man in Pittsburg. Yet, tensions escalate, when Rose (Davis) reveals that their son Cory (Jovan Adepo) has been recruited for college football. Later on, Cory demands to know why his father doesn’t seem to like him, and Troy responds that it’s not his job to like him, just to take care of him and raise him, Entertainment Weekly noted. Cory then suspects that his father’s animosity is due to Troy’s jealousy and his own dreams deferred.

There’s also a serious rift between Troy and Rose and their once strong love seems to be tested by Troy’s secrets and inner turmoil. The loyal wife reminds him while he’s been “standing still” she’s been right beside him.

The trailer also does a great job unveiling that the title “Fences” embodies both the physical fence Troy is building in his backyard and the “metaphorical barriers” he creates to between himself and his family and the outside world and himself, EW noted.

Take a look:

Pretty powerful! Will you be watching?



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