After lashing out against Kanye West this week (let’s be honest, he’s not the only celebrity to do so), Snoop Dogg is now offering prayers to the ‘misunderstood’ and ‘broken hearted’, in light of Ye’s hospitalization.


In a now-deleted post, the west coast rapper lashed out against Ye’s latest rant that included everything from Beyonce and Jay Z’s lack of support, race and Donald Trump, insinuating he had to be on drugs. Watch below.

#PressPlay : #SnoopDogg is all of us right now 😩😂 #KanyeWest

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What do you think? Was Snoop wrong for his comments? Should we be taking Kanye’s rants seriously?

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6 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Backtracks Kanye Comments, Offers Prayers

  1. FallMornings on said:

    All these celebrities lashing out at one another is a distraction from what we should be doing. Rebuilding our communities. That would make more sense than the senseless bickering. Good luck to Kanye. I hope he finds peace.

  2. Snoop’s original message about Kanye was okay, it was his opinion – what’s more important is Snoop is now offering prayers for this young man who is obviously suffering. Much has happened and it all begin with the death of his beloved mother – that was the beginning of a spirally out of control Kanye. He had a short reprieve and joy with finding Kim and then the birth’s of his beautiful children. His wife gets robbed at gunpoint and people began making crazy assumptions. Being on the road so much and away from real love probably set him over the edge.


    hopefully he can now get the help he needs. he obviously has some type of mental issues which only got worse after the death of his mother. he needed this intervention…

  4. It was just a matter of time before Kanye had a complete meltdown.
    He hasn’t been the same since his mother died several years ago.

    It is ashamed that men of color refuse to seek professional help when they are apparently having mental health issues. This is a stigma in the African American community.

    We all may need some type of help regarding our mental well being and being able to cope on
    a daily basis with all the ugliness and HATE.

    It’s a wonder all of us are not totally INSANE!!!!!!!

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