11/9/16- Rev. Al Sharpton talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about the results of Decision 2016.

“We’re going to have to fight. Like we did when Reagan came in after Carter. WE need leadership. Black radio and black church weren’t engaged. There’s a lot of blame to go around but the question is, ‘what are we going to do’.

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35 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton On Decision 2016: ‘Black Radio, Church Wasn’t Engaged’

  1. For decades, the Dems have taken the African American vote for granted but at the same time, we have not held them to a standard.

    Sharpton’s comments are correct. The Dems did not engage Black media because they discounted the Black vote in the first place. They expected the vote because of the hate the GOP produced.

    But in the end, none of that matters. The results would have been the same even if every person of color voted. Why? Because this was a White problem. White people wanted Trump and did everything they could to get him regardless of his lack of transparency, leadership or experience.

    It wasn’t the lack of Black votes that helped Trump. It was the number of White females who voted for Trump that changed the election. Everyone expected White men and White Supremacist to support Trump but few expected White women to support him en masse. Odd considering his lack of respect for women and the pedophile thing he has going on but White preservation comes before anything else – even country.

    Just as the GOP got it wrong in 2012, the Dems got it wrong in 2016 and people of color, the poor and the middle class are going to pay a heavy toll for it.

    President Obama’s election was a tough moment for many in our nation. It affected the psyche of many that things were changing – not for the best, but for the worse. Obama could have cured cancer, Ebola, diabetes and found the fountain of youth and that still would not have been enough for many. The world is changing and many don’t like it because they are no longer on top of the pile. Trump made them feel like he could change all of that but it’s nothing but an empty promise. The US only leads the world in the people we put in jail and military might. The failures in everything else has nothing to do with people of color, immigration, or Muslims. It’s the people who sell them snake oil while stealing their pensions, lowering their wages and sending their jobs overseas that are hurting them. They just don’t want to see it.

    Trump and his supporters may create problems but we’ve been down this path before. It’s nothing new. It’s just a repeat of history. I just hope this time we dish out some of the bull we get right back to those who deserve it.

    • But you can be an idiot, and you seemed to have mastered that skill. Get to steppin’ fore I show you the door Rodney King style.

  2. When did they have time to vote before or after they have sex with their sister and that poor dog that they kiss in the mouth after he lick his ass #notmypresident

    • Dude that’s old school thanks to liberal Democratic policy’s there’s plenty of
      Uneducated teenage crack hoe’s in the projects willing to supplement their WIC and Welfare payouts by servicing those “rednecks” as you call them

    • You Devils know who you are and that’s true I know some black devils too but I’m not talking about them right now I’m talking about you

  3. Can we have just one day without all the name calling? Some of you call people racists. How would you like if a white person called you n***er? Really people, if you don’t agree with the election count, ban and demand a re-call. Or, leaving the country may be an option.

  4. Why do we have dumbass racist white people on our website talking that bullshit, they are really afraid of us, just because they put one of their own in power does mean their not weak, they are still weaker than the rest. Keep your racist comments and go have sex with your sister again and that poor dog you kiss in the mouth after he lick his balls!!! #notmypresident. Devils never win!!!

      • Why would a white person come on a blackamericaweb site, to cause confusion, to leave dumbass racist comments, that’s why you don’t come on this site to learn more about us or to figure out why you’re so scared of us

      • Blacks can’t be racist because we are minority dumbass, go back to school and learn black history

      • Well Dipshit pick up a dictionary have your mother (if she’s able) read to you the definition of a racist, then consider by your analogy how you just admitted that Blacks have no ability to govern, gain economic or educational dependence or manage their own lives, since WE are not capable of considering ourselves superior. BTW the next time an Asian person follows you around their store and calls you a ni@@er just smile an say their a minority so that’s not racist

  5. Al Sharpton is no longer a leader in the black community. The day he sold his soul to the homosexual, PC agenda, he lost lots of our respect. Don’t look to the black church now. He failed as a so-call “Reverend.”

  6. The fix was in from the beginning.

    One only has to look at al of the bogus GOP Voter ID laws to know that they CHEATED.
    North Carolina refused to extend early voting to minorities, other southern States also
    did the same as well as closing many polling places that served the African American

    Remember Bush & Gore? Jeb Bush was then the governor of FLA. He made sure those “hanging chads” became invisible and those absentee ballots were never counted-
    so his asshole bro could get into the WH.

    Chump came into power because of his Redneck supporters. These were the same folks were
    enacted all these new voting laws so OUR VOTES COULD BE SUPPRESSED!!!!!!

    Chump is now all smiles, promising to be “everyone’s President.” F–k him!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Phil from MD on said:

      We cannot wait until 2020 to scramble to get people to the polls. Registration must start today.

      Teenagers must get ready to know that they will be counted on to participate in 2020.

      Voting ID laws vary, so we must get engaged in the process so that we are all ready. Even if voting hours are restricted, we have to show up first and not let THEM vote. Even if we have to drive those who are disengaged to the polls and back, we cannot let them win.

    • Your going to suffer a physical illness because of the bitter hate you carry within yourself on a daily basis. It will manifest itself. Let it go and live a loving, caring life. You will be healthier for much longer.

  7. Black people are worried because Donald was raised by his dad Fred Trump. He is a known Klans man who was arrested in 1927 demonstrating at his K. K. K rally in Queens NY. You can Google that fact.

  8. Missy Harrison on said:

    You are right Rev AL! We have to OUT THINK, OUT WIT AND OUT LAST these butt holes that just got in office. We got blind sided this time, but we’ll get up again even stronger than before. We’ve lasted this long. We can’t turn back now! They might try to turn back the clock! Jim Crow is alive and well!

  9. Why are Black people mad anyway? Especially Christians or the religious in general? The democrats tricked black people into thinking Trump hated Black people because their agenda was to use Black people to usher in homosexual cultures, population control cultures in which black people are euthanized by their own life styles PLUS whatever they can do to Black fertility AND the black female mind.

    I’m glad Trump won. I just hope Blacks can get on him enough for him to condemn the racist acts of many of his supporters. Let them know that is not exceptable behavior just like Black on Black crime isn’t.

    • there’s no platform for “the Sharpton Hustle” in Canada and I doubt their welfare programs would support his lifestyle so I’m guessing he’s staying put

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